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Why PSI Send-Off Will Be the Best

University of Lethbridge Education Undergraduate is planning a shindig of an event for the 2013 PSI sendoff. Here's why it's going to be amazing!

Tina Wong

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Why PSI Send-Off Will Be the Best

Get sent on a super-secret mission
where you may have to...
Battle the dark side
Discover your inner child
Attend a wedding
And look super fierce the
whole time!
So you heard about
the PSI Send-Off...

"So, suit up, because
it's going to be legend-

wait for it...

-dary. Legendary."
University of Lethbridge
Education Undergraduate Society

This is all pretty cool,

but wait...

there's more!
And if that doesn't
convince you...
Form a team
of 3-5 people.
Someone needs to have
a car & drive.
There will be...
This could be you.
Here's how it's going
to happen:
Step #1
Dress up
Bond with your section, team-mates, and other sections.
Beat the other sections.
Get the glory.
Step #2
Come up with a costume theme
& team name.
Get a registration sheet from
your section rep.
Fill it out and return it.

Show up on Thursday @ Galileo's & bring:
driver's licence
insurance/vehicle registration
camera w/ a removable card
Step #3
Step 4
Go have fun!!!
What's that all about?
Well, you get to...
(And come back to Markin)
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