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Persuave Essay Skydive!

No description

Brendan Alexander

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Persuave Essay Skydive!

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Let's jump into the Persuasive Essay! Next we find the... First Body paragraph! The first body paragraph contains the topic sentence which tells the reader whats going to happen in the paragraph. As we near the end, we see the second body paragraph or the conflicting paragraph This paragraph shows the other side of the argument that the first body paragraph showed. We near the first part of the persuasive essay on our dive... The introduction paragraph! The introductory paragraph has three parts. The hook, which brings the reader into the paragraph. -Parts of an Persuasive Essay "Skydive"- And our final paragraph on the gorgeous decent, the Conclusion Paragraph! The second part is the development which
transitions into the... ...Thesis which tells the reader what the essay is about! Now onwards, or downwards I guess... Then there's the concrete details (evidence) which give facts to the readers about the topic. The next part is the commentary which expresses the writers feelings to the reader without using "I think..." or "My belief is..." Finally there's the conclusion/transition sentence that brings the reader into the next paragraph... The first part is another topic sentence, but this time its opposing the first body topic sentence. The second part is the Counter which opposes the first body's reasoning. Then there's the counter to the counter, or the rebuttal, which counters the counter by saying how the counter is incorrect. Lastly there's the closing sentence to transition into the final paragraph. Hint: When countering, don't provide too much information against what you said in the first body This paragraph basically sums up what you said throughout the whole persuasive essay. First there's the sentence where you rephrase your thesis. Then there's the area where you summarize all of the topic sentences in the persuasive essay. Finally, there's the clincher which leaves the reader thinking about what you've said. Well, that concludes our skydive... I hope you had fun
learning about parts of the persuasive essay. So that's it. See ya!
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