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Hot Fuzz Genre Analysis

No description

Bec Ashwin

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Hot Fuzz Genre Analysis

Hot Fuzz
Genre Analysis This film features 3 main genres; Action, Comedy and Drama Comedy The most obvious genre within the film is probably Comedy. This has a wide range of conventions, such as comical sound effects. For example, when Simon Skinner toasts to Martin Blower and Eve Draper's memories, there is a discreet 'kaching', like a cash register. Also, during the shoot out in the pub near the end of the movie, you can hear the sound of an arcade game playing, and a lion roar as Frank turns to flee away from them Police. These are mostly discreet sound effects that won't be noticed by everyone, but are appreciated once the audience know they're there.
This film also features quite a lot of action movie references, most often Bad Boys II and Point Break. Throughout the film, Danny will ask Angel if he's done anything he's seen in one of these movies, but by the end Danny himself has done them all. An example of this is the scene at the end of Point Break, where the character Utah is confronted which the possibility of shooting his friend Body. In Hot Fuzz, Danny is faced with the responsibility of shooting his father Frank, but can't bring himself to do it, so rolls over and fires the gun up into the air while screaming. Earlier in the film, Danny had asked Nicholas if he had ever "fired a gun into the air and gone 'aaagh'". Most people who are familiar with the mentioned films will find the references amusing.
Another comedy convention is various gags and puns. When leaving the theatre, Angel tells Martin Blower to "drive safe", after cautioning him for speeding earlier that day. He then says to Danny "hopefully that's the last we see of him", which then leads on to the hooded figure stood around the corner, and Blower and Draper are found dead the next morning. Also, when Nicholas and Danny are sat in Danny's flat watching action films, they change the DVD and Danny says "this is about to go off!" and presses play on his remote. This quickly cuts to George Merchant's house exploding. Action Another common genre is Action. The most recognised convention within the action genre is quick cuts and fast music. These both appear very often within Hot Fuzz. The first action chase sequence is when Danny and Nicholas chase Pete from Somerfield after they catch him stealing. It is a fast sequence with speed sound effects and fast building music in the background. This scene uses lots of different shots and angles, and quickly cuts between them all, making everything seem more rapid.
The biggest action sequence of the film is the big battle near the end. To open this scene, Nicholas Angel has an effect on his voice to make him seem more menacing. Next, the violence begins, which is also a big action convention. during the gunfight, they use fast camera movements, sweeping between the main characters around the set.
As well as camera movements and cuts, they used a lot of slow motion and sound effects. For example, when Dr Hatcher tells the duo to drop their weapons, Danny throws his gun forward in slow motion, before it hits the floor, triggering it to shoot the Doctor. Also, sound effects are used when the Somerfield employees throw fruit at the Police. Here, there are swishing sound effects that are typically used in action films when things are thrown, such as knives. Drama The other main genre in Hot Fuzz is Drama. One of the most common conventions in this genre is soft music and slow camera movements. Normally the camera will zoom into a significant person or object when they are involved in a dramatic situation. An example of this in this film is when Nicholas Angel is explaining to Danny about his Uncle Derek. The camera slowly tracks into Angel's face as he reveals information. The slow music shows the different emotions in their discussion.
Also, there is a build of drama and tension leading up to Tim Messenger's murder. This scene cuts between the characters at the raffle, the murder climbing up the church, and Messenger stood behind the church. The cuts get quicker, as does the slow dramatic music, which is common in most drama films when things get more heated. Conclusion To conclude, Hot Fuzz mixes different conventions of different genres together to create a comical impact on the audience. It should appeal to everyone, with the range of genres it features, but everything adds towards the comedy, which appeals mostly to their target audience of teenagers and young adults.
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