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Outgoing Exchange (OGX)

No description

AIESEC Appalachian

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of Outgoing Exchange (OGX)

University students and recent graduates across the US!
Our Customers
Our Products
Contact LCs around the world, assessing the quality of their TNs
Match EPs
Conduct an Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS) for EPs to prepare them for their time abroad
Maintain communication with EPs while they're abroad
Hold a Reintegration Seminar (RIS) to reintegrate EPs into our culture and have them join AIESEC :)
What do we do? Continued
EP Recruitment and implementing marketing strategies
Screening and interviewing possible EPs
Provide EPs with an Induction Ceremony, registering them on our opportunities database and integrating them into the AIESEC culture
EPs received an EP Manager who facilitate an EP's search for TNs and find the perfect opportunity for them
What do we do?
What is OGX?
Outgoing Exchange (OGX)
The Details
$150 Application Fee + $350 Match Fee = $500 Total Cost
Accommodation and some meals per day provided for
6 to 10 weeks
The Details
$150 Application Fee + $600 Match Fee = $750 Total Fee
Accommodation and food not provided for
Salary based
10-52 Weeks
*People can go abroad up to 2 years after graduation
Online Platforms
National Site - global.aiesecus.org
Application Site - aieseconline.net
Database of Opportunities - myaiesec.net
Our LC Partners
to add/adjust:

our product(s)
what's the point of
telling them about OGX?

Why do you need to know about OGX?
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