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Aitor de Paco

No description

english projects

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Aitor de Paco

The legend of Saint George Once upon a time, in a kingdom very very far, there was a dragon that lived in a cave. He ate every day animals from the farmers but one day the animals finished and the dragon started to attack the people. The farmers began to do a raffle. The people who had been chosen, went to the dragon's cave to be eaten for the dragon, who had hungry. But one day, in the raffle, the princess was chosen.
the king was very sad but he choudn't do anything because he had be fair. The next morning, the princess was tied and some soldiers were companying her to the dragon's cave.
When the dragon went out, the soldiers ran down the mountain
and the dragon went to the princess. HELP, HELP ! said the princess. Then the dragon opened the mouth to eat her but apered Saint George to kill the dragon. The dragon threw flames but Saint George, with his lance, killed the dragon. From the blood of the dragon, went out a red rose that Saint George gave to the princess. The king, happy, congratulated Saint George. Then, Saint George went out.
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