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T.O.K Presentation - Cultural Stereotypes

To what extent do pre-conceived notions of specific race and religion create violence behavior in society?

Thitivut Ekphaisansup

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of T.O.K Presentation - Cultural Stereotypes

Real Life Situation Wade Michael Page - NeoNazi Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A 6 people were killed and more than 3 were injured Many commentators are concluding,
perhaps prematurely, that the
alleged shooter confused the turbaned Sikh worshipers
with Muslims. [CBS News] To what extent do preconceived notions of race and religion cause violence in society? Sense Perception "Islam is often seen in the West as violent, barbaric, anti-democratic, anti-human, anti-rational, etc. The aim is to turn Muslims into an enemy people, to be regarded collectively with contempt and scorn."
By- Ghali Hassan an anti-racist, humanitarian Australian writer Ever since 9/11 attacks, all Muslims are increasingly being portrayed as "terrorist”, a “refugee” or “militant". Psychology Social Categorization Social Identity Theory - Henri Tajfel and John Turner Due to the influence on sense perception, some individuals might categorize all Muslims as terrorists i.e. generalization of a particular social group Perception of Muslims Social Identification Identification based on clothing -- similar clothing -- misconception that Sikhs are Muslims -- based on categorization -- both could be assumed as terrorists, hence causing violence. Economics State of Wisconsin Tip

Loss of income
High crime rates
Worsening health
Impacts on social relationships, e.g. divorce
mental depression/stress
Local govt. cuts spending on public goods- e.g. defense Consequences of High Unemployment Unemployment: percentage of total working population who cannot find a job Emotions Background on Wade Michael Page white supremacist
suspended from the army
girl problems
unemployed since 2010, was a truck driver Implies an angry state of mind
Could have used emotions to make decisions
-also implies social issues; can't fit in Psychological
prejudice and misconception of a particular race [social identity theory]
shows the implications of not having knowledge, can relate back to "Knowledge is virtue, ignorance is vice", thus emphasizing on individuals as knowers Economic
High unemployment, lack of economic and social security- a contributing factor to the emotions of hate and anger?
Generalizing emotions of hate and anger and violently expressing them on a particular social groups? Further Implications of KI:
what actions should be taken to create a better understanding of different races and their differing appearances?
how can hate against one particular religion be eliminated from society (or reduced)?
should the Sikh worshippers be fearful about this happening again? what actions should they take?
other killers with potential motives? Killers perception:
All Muslims are terrorists
These people look like Muslims
Therefore , these people are terrorists. President Obama
expressing his sorrows Media Inluences Sense Perception Similar clothing might result in confusion Unemployment
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