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Eye of the Wolf Project

No description

Gisela Bartes

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Eye of the Wolf Project

End of the Year Project
Get in groups of 5
Each group will be given a different topic
Your work should be ready by November, 17th
You will be recorded.
This will be shown on Nov. 23rd
Group 1: "Settings":
With images, collage, poem, collection of words, etc describe the different settings and the feelings conveyed: Zoo, Yellow/Grey/Green Africa & Alaska. You can use quotes/expressions, etc from the book.
Group 2: Characters: Look for quotes, expressions, pics to describe the two main characters of the story in detail & how they change throughout the story: Africa and The Blue Wolf. Then, two of you should act out as if you were them after the book finishes.
Group 3:

Create the book trailer!

Group 4:
The Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism of African Animals (the ones that appear in the story)
With a collage/acting out with costumes/ etc, represent the different animals in the story.
Group 5
Explore the different themes, moods & tones of the story by using visual aids + music
Group 6
Explore how the story gives a critical view on human beings. Use quotes to support your argument. Then, create a song/ poem/ picture/ video that explains this.
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