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Chapter 4 (HRD Needs Assessment)

No description

Yuanjie Dai

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 4 (HRD Needs Assessment)

How to Assess HRD Needs Chapter 4 Why Do Needs Assessment? The HRD Process: A DImE Levels of Assessment Why is needs assessment information critical to the development and delivery of an effective HRD program? What is a “Need?” A discrepancy between expectations and performance
Not only “performance” needs involved Needs Assessment Figuring out what is really needed
Where and what kinds of program or intervention are needed
Who needs to be included
Any roadblocks to effectiveness
First step in HRD process models Organizational/Strategic
Where is training needed and under what conditions?
What must be done to perform the job effectively?
Who should be trained and how? Various Types of Needs Diagnostic
Factors that can prevent problems from occurring
Identify new or better ways to do things
Mandated by law or regulation Strategic/Organizational Analysis A broad, “systems” view is needed
Need to identify:
Organizational goals
Organizational resources
Organizational climate
Environmental constraints Why Strategic Assessment is Needed Ties HRD programs to corporate or organizational goals
Strengthens the link between profit and HRD actions
Strengthens corporate support for HRD
Makes HRD more of a revenue generator
Not a profit waster Sources of Strategic Information Mission statement
HRM inventory
Skills inventory
Quality of Working Life indicators
Efficiency indexes
System changes
Exit interviews Task Analysis The collection of data about a specific
job or group of jobs
What employee needs to know to
perform a job or jobs Source of Task Analysis Job descriptions
Task analysis
Performance standards
Perform job
Observe job
Ask questions
Analysis of problems A Sample Task Analysis Process Develop job description
Identify job tasks
What should be done
What is actually done
Describe KSAOs needed
Identify potential training areas
Prioritize potential training areas You have been asked to perform a task analysis for the job of secretary in Administrative Department.

Which method(s) of task analysis do you think are most appropriate for analyzing this job?
Any Advantages? Disadvantages? Person Analysis Determines training needs for specific individuals
Summary Analysis
Determine overall success of the individual
Diagnostic Analysis
Discover reasons for performance Performance Appraisal Relied on heavily in person analysis
Hard to do
Should be VERY confidential
Based too often on personal opinion A valuable tool for collecting person analysis data Prioritizing HRD Needs There are never enough resources available
Must prioritize efforts
Need full organizational involvement in this process
Involve an HRD Advisory Committee. A Task Analysis Application Disadvantages? You are charged with conducting a Needs Assessment, what must you take into consideration to complete this? The End!

Thank you! A Need is: Other disadvantages
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