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013 AT Training

Dealing with Allegations of Abuse

natalie holohan

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of 013 AT Training

Safeguarding Training
Dealing with Allegations of abuse Suspicion or Allegation of Abuse What do I do? What will happen next? Record Keep Questions to a minimum Report Reassure Accept Stay Calm Process what the child or vulnerable person says the person that they are not to blame it was right to tell you Don't use leading Questions the incident to your Line Manager & the Child Protection Officer Engage4Life's CPO is Natalie Holohan Listen & Do Not promise Confidentiality Explain that you have a duty to tell others Keep the child/ vulnerable adult informed about what will happen next Inform Date and time the person made the allegation/ suspicion of abuse Date and time of the alleged abuse Where the alleged abuse happened Name of the person and all present The name of the complainant and where different the name of the person who has allegedly been abused The nature of the abuse A description of any injuries An account of the allegation When a person’s health or development is damaged by the actions or inaction's of others. What is Abuse? Types of Abuse All employees have a duty to report concerns they have about a participant’s welfare Indicators of Abuse You suspect
a family member is abusing a E4L participant What would you do? Refer any allegation, suspicion, incident of abuse to the relevant agencies Child Protection Officer Complete Multi-Agency Referral Form within 48 hours CPO Process * Notify the CEO & Operational Manager Allegations against an E4L Employee Isolated event or a series of incidents Stranger or a person of trust Physical Emotional/ Psychological Sexual Neglect Financial Racially Motivated Injuries Child tells you Shrinks from physical contact Keeps their body covered up Reluctant to return home & fears parents Difficulty making friends Poor personal hygiene Lack of Trust An allegation of abuse has been brought to your attention regarding a member of your team Process for Managers following a member of staff completing an allegation of abuse Do not discuss with the alleged member of staff
Process for CPO * Ensure the person reporting the incident has completed a written report HR will consider the appropriate HR policies in relation to any employees alleged to be involved * Report the matter the the appropriate statutory agency (as set out above) * Take any steps necessary to ensure the safety of the child in question & any other child who may be at risk HR Don't Discuss Allegations Or loved ones With anyone else Not even other colleagues Inform the Social Services Team within 24 hours via phone Inform E4L’s CEO Act on the recommendations of the Social Services Duty Social Worker Through an internal investigation the allegation is found to be without foundation An immediate referral to Social Services There is reason to suppose abuse could have occurred
Referral & discussion with relevant services The allegation was prompted by inappropriate behaviour; Dealt with under internal disciplinary procedures Any Questions? If in doubt talk to Natalie What is abuse? What is the Process? (CPO) The CPO is the first point of contact for all Child Protection Matters Attend & contribute any Child Protection Case Maintain E4L’s policies & procedures Maintain records of all referrals and outcomes Maintain up to date contact details for Support Services What does the CPO do?
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