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Humid Continental Climate

No description

Mackenzie Lever

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Humid Continental Climate

Humid Continental Climate A lot of people are confused by the word "Humid". The humidity levels aren't really high, But the land isn't dry enough to call arid. Winters are usually cold and snowy. Summers are very warm. So yes, very different. Characteristics The Humid continental climate is found in many places. Maybe even where you live! One place is Europe. Europe has interesting summers and winters.This climate is also in New England and Asia.These places are very scattered from each other. Where is it located? The temperature is the big one.Especially in the main seasons. In summer the heat can go well over 100'f. Much different in the winter though! In the winter it can easily get below 0'f.Better have a jacket and a tank top! How it affects us. In the Humid continental climates a wide variety of wild animals live there. The red squirrel is an example of one of the animals. One of the other example is The White-Tailed deer. An example of The White-Tailed deer is Bambi.Now for the last example, The old US coyote.A US coyote kinda looks like a husky! Types of animals. A wide variety of vegetation is found in this climate. I have two examples. The first example is a mixed forest. A mixed forest is more than two types of trees, plants etc. The other example, which is the last, is the temperate grasslands is a big piece of land with long grass. Types of vegetation Well we live in this climate zone. If we lived somewhere else than we would like to live because the weather. The weather is like normal. When we say normal we mean like normal The winters and falls are cold and the summer springs are warm. Would Alissa & Mackenzie like to live here? What shelter would I like to make? ~ I would take a bear..........<--- you know I mean.......Well first I would make a tepee and put the bear skin on top of it

:) Clothing I would need. I would need snow pants, boots, jacket, gloves and hat
That's for the winter
And for the summer
Tank top, shorts, and maybe pants. Ways to get food and water. ~I would find seeds.
~Kill animals
~Find things underground Problems that may occur. ~There can be major weather problems
~running out of food and water Alissa Mackenzie Alissa Mackenzie
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