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Color Imagery APLC

No description

Joshua Robertson

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Color Imagery APLC

The great gatsby color imagery project YELLOW Yellow is used to represent the greed and desire for more wealth that has lead to corruption and made everything bad that has occurred possible. This color is found everywhere in the novel. It goes from the Buchanan's house, Gatsby's house, the valley of ashes(George's house and Eckleburg's glasses) and everywhere else. Almost all of the character's are found with this color at some point except for two. The only character that hasn't really been corrupted by greed and wealth is Nick Carroway. Even though Tom Buchanan displays all the characteristics of this corruption the author doesn't portray him as yellow in the novel. This time period: The roaring 20's is portrayed by Fitzgerald as time of great prosperity. It is shown that many become obsessed with this acquiring of wealth and become extremely materialistic which leads to a moral decline in society. Tom and Daisy perfectly represent this moral decline. This is because they are so concerned with their money that they no longer care if they do things like have affairs or even kill another human being. The author includes this because he wants to show that this new obsession with wealth is harmful to the country and others. Quotes/Examples:
Gatsby's car that he acquired through bootlegging is colored yellow
Daisy's name is representative of a flower that is the color yellow
The car that kills Myrtle is colored yellow and the car is told to the police to be a "big yellow car"
Daisy and Tom's daughter has "...old yellowy hair"(117)
Eckleburg's glasses are colored yellow
Two girls are dressed in yellow at the first party around Jordan(42)
There is a yellow light hanging up in the garage above Myrtle's body after she is hit by Daisy in Gatsby's car
Myrtle changes into a cream-colored dress at Tom's gathering Characters/representations:
Daisy:Her name is representative of a flower that is white on the outside and yellow on the inside. This shows how she may seem pure and desirable on the outside, but that she is really just obsessed with wealth and has a careless disregard for anything besides wealth. This is shown well whenever she is driving Tom's yellow car and kills Myrtle.
George Wilson: He is a struggling mechanic and he does not have wealth and is not greedy. He is still affected by greed and wealth though as seen by how the author says his house is yellow. This shows that the household is affected by greed and wealth through Myrtle and her love for Tom Buchanan. George is affected by it specifically when Myrtle is killed because of the corruption which causes him to kill Gatsby and himself.
Myrtle: Myrtle is a non-wealthy woman who is having an affair with the rich Tom Buchanan. She is seen changing in the novel whenever she changes into a cream-colored dress at Tom's gathering. This symbolizes how she has been corrupted by her desire for wealth that has caused her to cheat on her innocent husband George Wilson.
Jay Gatsby: He is seen as having a yellow car, having yellow cocktail music at his party, and a few other yellow things. This represents the greed that has corrupted Gatsby and turned him into the shady man that evolved from the innocent young man he was.
Jordan Baker: She is a pro-golfer that cheats and lies constantly. Fitzergald shows her having yellow hair. This represents her corruptness that leads to her deceitfulness and her disregard for the life of others(she doesn't care about Myrtle's death). Tom Buchanan:
He is portrayed as having a golden house and wearing white though. This represents the wealth that Tom has as well as the the fake 'purity' that he shows and the power that it brings which makes him untouchable to the point where he and Daisy don't have to take responsibility for their actions. Examples of this are his disregard for others(breaking Myrtle's nose on a whim, his arrogance, his racism, his sexist attitude). Nick Carroway:
Nick seems to be the only one that hasn't been corrupted by money in this novel. He is described throughout the novel as white and red. White is used in the novel to represent purity and other things in several characters, but Nick makes the exception because he is the only one not corrupted by the wealth and greed that was associated with this time(yellow). Jordan Baker calls him a rose. This symbolizes something that sets Nick apart from the others in the book. Other colors to represent characters and etc.:green(hope/american dream), white(pure/unreachable), rose/pink(dream world/illusions), blue(perfection), gold(color of money)
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