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Brass Polisher

No description

Nanako Kawasaki

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Brass Polisher

Brass Polisher
Components were measured
Liquid substances were mixed
Dry components mixed in
Mixed with a stirring rod.
Periodically shaken.
Rubbed on the metals with a thin cloth.
-Brass tarnishes due to oxidation
-Oxidation of silver
-Acidic solution
-No safety requirements
-Contents can go down the drain
Gold Penny
Aluminum Foil
The purpose of this experiment was to make an acidic brass polisher and see its effects on brass (gold penny), silver metal, and aluminum foil.
118 mL flour
118 mL salt
118 mL powdered detergent
177 mL white vinegar
59 mL lemon juice
118 mL warm water

1000 mL beaker
stirring rod
Graduated cylinders
plastic container
aluminum foil
silver metal
brass (gold penny)
Aluminum Foil
Silver Metal
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