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3 Important Men

No description

Maureen Curtin

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of 3 Important Men

3 Important Men... John Alexander MacDonald 1815-1891
-born in Glasgow, Scotland
-immigrated to Kingston, Upper Canada (Ontario) in 1820
-became a lawyer
-entered politics in 1843
-eventually became Canada's first Prime Minister George Etienne Cartier
-born in St. Antoine, Lower Canada (Québec)
-"worldly and self-confident"
-talked a lot!
-fought for French-Canadian culture
-good friends with John A. MacDonald From 1857-1862, Cartier and MacDonald served as co-premiers of the united province
-want to build a trans-continental railway
-want to unite all British colonies George Brown 1818-1880
-born in Scotland
-moved to Upper Canada at age 25
-created "The Globe" (precursor to the Globe and Mail)
-impeded a lot of MacDonald/Cartier ideas
-accused John A. MacDonald of selling out his people to the French
-supported representation by population -Cartier opposes rep by pop
-MacDonald dislikes Brown because of what has been said about him in his paper 1862-George Brown goes to England and returns
a changed man...wants to work with MacDonald and
Cartier to unite Canada!
Charlottetown Conference!!
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