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The six kingdoms

No description

betsy workman

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The six kingdoms

The six kingdomes Plants plant are just one of six kingdoms.
plants come in many different shapes and sizes.
plants take in sun light water and carbon dyoxide with this they make suger.The plant feedes on this sugre. we help plants by giving it carbon dyoxide the plant help us by reliesing oxygenas a toxic gass for the plant. although the blant is simular to the
mushroom it is not puit the same. Animals the animal is one of the largest groop of living things it has some of the worlds largest living things alive. the animal is a living thing that
briethes air. even meat eating things eat plants because
when the meat eating thing eates a herbavore it is eating the plant
that the animal just devouered. evry thing in our world relies on plantes. Fungi the fungi that growes on trees are different than the plants you see on t.v
infact they are so different that they come from different kingdoms. fungi are not photosyntheticthey can not make their own food. fungi feed on dead things like dead
animals or dead plants even. some fungi are poisonous and some are edable like the morall.
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