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Emigration Creek Restoration

No description

Kelsey Jones

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Emigration Creek Restoration

What are the current conditions?
Vegetation improves water quality and encourages increased organism populations.

Focus Parameters: Water Flow, Vegetation, and Marcroinvertebrates

Budget: 25,000 Buffer

Lets Bring BCT Back!
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-Dissolved Oxygen
-Increasing too much
What we need to do
-Level the distribution of macroinvertebrates by increasing the abundance of macroinvertebrates in the creek

Emigration Creek Restoration
$100,000 of budget
-$75,000: construction
-$25,000: other fees
Prevent Further Damage
Fence around portions of the creek
limit traffic
estimated cost 350 ft fence $2200, plus labor costs, $550
5 signs noting the fragile environment
custom signs $40 each
Improve Current
Active Re-vegetation
45 degree or less slope
Trees $2,000 (mature trees, cost 8 trees)
$10,000 introducing local Riparian plants,
$10,000 landscaping modification
$55,000 labor costs
Suggested Course of Action
A healthy macroinvertebrate community is need to support BCT.
-Young trout: eat dipterans (true flies)
-Mature trout: eat terrestrial insects

Dissolved Oxygen
3 Parameters to Restoration:
Stream Flow

Total spending
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