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Building Blocks - Foundations Prezi

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Dan Whiteley

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Building Blocks - Foundations Prezi

You have just become a Learning & Development Officer. Where do you go for more support and information on how to train and develop people? Without the right skills and knowledge you may see all your hard work fall to pieces. Building Blocks has been created to provide a blended learning programme that will aid LDOs to develop their knowledge and skills of learning and development, and which can be followed in a way that will ensure that their individual needs can be met.

Building Blocks is a modular journey designed for both new and existing LDOs, to create a series of learning solutions focusing upon different aspects of the L&D role and to provide a structured development path. Each Building Blocks module focuses upon a different stage of the training cycle. The training cycle Upskilling all LDOs to the required levels and awareness of the different aspects of their role. Demonstrating the impacts that LDO actions and training have upon delegates understanding & future behaviours. Ensuring that all L&D learning solutions are to the highest standard in order to deliver against requested outcomes. That LDOs have the skills to correctly identify how they can best support their client areas. Providing LDOs with the ability to deliver end to end learning solutions to the highest standards. Providing LDOs with the skills to identify the correct learning solution & deliver it in the most efficient manner. Module 1 - How we learn and reviewing best practice classroom delivery techniques Module 2 - How to identify learning needs and complete a learning needs analysis Module 3 - How to compose blended learning solutions and design material Module 4 - How to evaluate training and understand what impact & value it has had Theorist Activist Pragmatist Reflector Each module is accompanied by a number of other resources for you to use during your learning How will your line manager support you through the Building Blocks modules? The first of the modules (Foundations) is split into 3 sections, with the first of these being completed via a set of online e-Learning packages. As well as providing support and advise to the LDO completing the Building Blocks modules your line manager will also provide you with all the resources you require to complete the learning. Here are the additional resources required for you to complete the Foundations CBTs, available from your line manager. Following the Foundations module a number of activities have been put in place to ensure that you are supported whilst the new skills and knowledge are embedded. These will involve both the Building Blocks delivery team and your immediate line manager. How will I know if I have got what I need from the course to aid my development? Each Building Blocks module contains a number of different elements: The Foundations module discusses the principles of learning as well as delivery best practice. A chance to share best practice and ideas with other LDOs as well as to recognise common challenges and solutions. A blended learning approach to the content in order to fully engage you through a mixed medium of classroom, e-learning, self exploration etc. A chance to put the learning into practice through group activities, roleplays and individual exercises. Future modules will focus upon a range of different topics such as different learning techniques and aspects of the LDO role What other courses are available? Microsoft Wizardry courses Discussing formatting and basic use of formulas and functions. Discussing set up, designing and animating slides. Discussing document composition, and formatting. The test of learning that accompanies the Foundations module can be found upon the Mentor system. Each of the 3 CBTs that make up Section 1 of the Foundations course can be found upon the Mentor sytem. Sections 2 and 3 of the Foundations module are both classroom based sessions.
- Section 2 focuses upon the
individual aspects of classroom
- Section 3 will allow you to put
your new skills into practice via
your own delivery sessions As the Foundations CBTs include video and audio content please ensure that the PC you are using has these capabilities. How will these courses benefit both me and Capita? The Foundations module is just the first in a range of modules designed to aid you as you develop into your new role. These include the other Building Blocks modules as well as other associated courses. Modules are designed to support all types of learning styles to aid your development. A copy of the delivery objective indicators The LDO job description document A copy of the Evolution delivery observation sheet
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