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Life in Canada

No description

amy van bergen

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Life in Canada

Life in Canada
The biggest small town in the world
The Big Picture
A Closer Look
All About Me
Maple Music
The Weeknd
Celine Dion
Carly Rae Jepsen
Shawn Mendes
Justin Bieber
Neil Young
Leonard Cohen
Alessia Cara
The Guess Who
Michael Bublé
Arcade Fire
1 = 0.7
2 Official Languages: English & French
(200+ unofficial)

3 Territories

10 Provinces

Hundreds of Aboriginal Nations
Good for Belén
Not so good for Amy...
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
1st PM to march at a pride parade
Liberal Party Leader
Son of former PM Pierre Trudeau
Yoga enthusiast
I basically was the main reason he was elected
Canada's National Anthem: O Canada
Hockey games
Football games
School days
Fun Facts
Canada has the longest coast line
More freshwater lakes than the rest of the world combined
"Canada" comes from an aboriginal word meaning "Village"
2nd largest country on earth (20x > Spain)
Only 35 million people (13 million < Spain)
We have it all: deserts, mountains, lakes, tundra, islands, forest
Canada's National Animal is a beaver
Cultural Festivals
Canada is the first country on earth to have a National Multicultural Policy
World's largest culture festival
40+ pavilions across Winnipeg
Festival du Voyageur
Every February
Celebrate French Canadians & Fur Traders
Snow Carvings all over the city
Students attend every year
Icelandic Festival
Manito Ahbee
Music Festivals
Biggest and oldest Music Festivals ever
Folk Fest
Dauphin Country Fest
Northern Trappers Festival
Churchill, MB
Polar Bear Capital of the world
By law, cars must be unlocked in case someone needs to run from a bear
Most beluga whales
"Winnipeg" is a Cree word for "Muddy Waters" because the river is so icky

The Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg makes coins for 90 countries including Spain
We have the longest skating trail in the world along that river (9km)
Pop: 1.3 million
Area: 650 000km2
(Spain:500 000km2)
Capital: Winnipeg
(Pop. 660 000)

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