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Zoey Pierce

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Tower Of England
The Chateau Gilliard
Early castles were made out of wood but they realized that stone was stronger and better for defense.
Location was a big part and they normally were put on cliffs and outcrops so it was harder to reach the castle.
Then they would start with the out wall which would contain towers and drawbridges. The inside towers would contain living quarters of the castle.
~ toilets in castles were called "garderobes" which were basically a whole that led down to the moat where the waste would be discarded into.
Medieval Castle
Popular Castles
A mace is a blunt weapon. It is a club with spikes or numbs all over it
Two sticks connected with a chain with spikes covering both sticks
Ring-swords are characterized by the ring on the end of the sword
Murder Holes
Spiral staircases were always built spiraling to the right because attackers coming up wouldn't be at an angle to use their sword arm which was normally their right arm so the soldiers fighting back would have an advantage coming down the stairs with the stairs and their good sword arm matching up.
Spiral Staircases
~There are 1500 castle sites in England

~Over 50 in Europe

~Over 15 in Germany

Medieval Weapons
A source of defense against enemies if they got through the gates there would be holes where hot liquids could be poured down onto them.
It was founded at the end of 1066. The castle was used for a prison from 1100 to 1952
The construction of the castle was unusually short and only took about 2 years. It is located in France and includes 3 enclosures, separated by dry moats and keep.
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