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Film Music Lesson

No description

Miss Wilmington

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Film Music Lesson

Film Music

Miss Wilmington
You will develop an understanding of the use of
in Film Music
A leitmotif is...
A snippet of melody or a
theme tune that is linked
to either a character, an
object or a feeling.
Independent Learning task
Listen to this piece of film music again and write a sentence describing what kind of character it is for and how the musical elements help you come to this conclusion.
Musical Devices
And to finish...
Listen to the these two leitmotifs.
Create a musical sentence that will compare them.
Refer to the elements of music.
Princess Leia's Leitmotif has a _______________atmosphere this is
created by ______________, whereas the atmosphere in the Darth
Vader clip is more _______________ this is created by ____________
(refer to elements of music)
(refer to elements of music)
You will be able to create a Leitmotif for a character based on musical conventions in film music.
Be ready to answer with...
Usually a bright sounding instruments, such as the trumpet.
Good vs bad
Composition Activity
Using musical conventions, come up with a Leitmotif for a character of your own creation. We must be able to work out if the character is good or bad!
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
You can create simple melodic ideas.
You can create simple melodic ideas using two or more of the more basic musical devices - tempo (speed), dynamics (volume) and timbre (instrument)
You can create melodic ideas based around the brief using appropriate musical devices and making good use of harmony (chords), tempo (speed), dynamics (volume) and timbre (instrument).
Performance Evaluation
Was the character good or bad?
Was the leitmotif successful?
Which conventions were successfully used?
How could it be improved? (refer to levels)
- An adjective to describe the mood.
- How this is achieved through the use of musical elements
Volume - Loud or quiet. Getting louder/getting quieter
High or low
Getting higher or getting lower
Major - sounds happy and positive
Minor - Sad and serious sounding

Often with a villain DISCORDS are used.
Discords are notes or chords that clash so it might be "minor with discords"
Heroes and Villains!!
Sublevels depend on the extent of your success with the level
If you have done all to achieve Level 6 push yourself to consider the use of texture - how the music is layered
Level 7
Dynamics (volume)
Timbre (instruments)
Tempo (speed)
Key (major or minor also does it use discords)
Pitch (high or low)
Texture (layers - does it start off thin and get thicker?)
Darth Vader - example answer:-
This theme shows that the character is menacing and powerful, with its use of a full orchestra at a loud dynamic. Lots of percussion are used which gives it a warlike feel. It is also in a minor key which gives a more serious atmosphere and a steady tempo which makes it feel like a march to battle.
Darker sounding instruments, for example the 'cello, double bass
Usually a minor key, some use of discords
Often has really low pitches against really high pitches in other instruments
Melody that jumps around
Slower tempo
Dynamics usually get louder
A lively tempo
Tends to get higher in pitch (built around chord notes)
Usually a major key
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