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Gov. Inslee's 2014 Climate Tour

No description

Governor Inslee

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Gov. Inslee's 2014 Climate Tour

Gov. Inslee's

Shellfish: An Industry at Risk

Location: Shelton
As carbon pollution increases, our oceans acidify and make it hard for organisms like shellfish to grow. This has harsh impacts on the shellfish industry. Gov. Inslee toured Taylor Shellfish's Dabob Bay Hatchery and processing facility and met with shellfish small business owners to discuss the impacts ocean acidification is having on the industry.
Inslee looks to unveil early version of climate plan this summer: http://bit.ly/ClimateCrossCut
Governor, Harvesters Talk Bivalves At Taylor Shellfish: http://bit.ly/SheltonCoJournal
When the City of Anacortes made plans to build a new water treatment plant, they knew they had to take rising water levels into account. Gov. Inslee visited the plant to hear about their adaptation efforts to address more severe flooding as a result of climate change.
Water: Adaptation in Anacortes

Location: Anacortes
City shows practical steps it took to address climate change: http://bit.ly/AnacortesWater1
Governor lauds water plant project: http://bit.ly/AnacortesWater2
Inslee tours water treatment plant: http://bit.ly/AnacortesWater3
Smart Grids: Integrating Renewables

Location: Mukilteo
Expanding our use of wind and solar power requires new smart grid technologies that allow utilities to efficiently capture, store and distribute that energy. Gov. Inslee awarded more than $14 million in smart grid matching grants to help Avista Corp., Puget Sound Energy and Snohomish PUD better integrate power generated from renewable sources in the state’s electrical grid.
Building a Greener, More Resilient Future in Washington State: http://bit.ly/DOEinWA
UniEnergy Technologies Goes from Molecules to Megawatts: http://bit.ly/UniEnergyWA
Washington Takes Big Step Toward Renewable Energy Storage and Grid Integration: http://bit.ly/UWsmartgrid
Water: Adaptation in King County

Location: Seattle
Rising sea levels are costing King County's West Point Treatment Plant millions. Gov. Inslee visited the plant to learn how the rising water levels have impacted their operations.
Gov. Inslee’s Wastewater Plant Tour Highlights Sea Rise Woes: http://bit.ly/SeaRiseWA
Inslee Touring Wash. Sites That Show Costs Of Climate Change: http://bit.ly/ClimateKPLU
Delay dealing with climate change and it will cost us — big time: http://bit.ly/ClimatePI
Energy Efficiency & Waterfront Cleanup: Jobs in Whatcom County
Location: Bellingham, WA
The Building Performance Center in Bellingham trains homeowners and businesses to reduce their energy use. After Gov. Inslee visited the center, he heard from local officials about the Bellingham waterfront development project. Cleaning up the waterfront would clear the way for retail and industry jobs.
Governor Inslee talks energy with Community Energy Challenge: http://bit.ly/BhamEnergy
Inslee in Bellingham on climate change tour: http://bit.ly/BhamClimate
Gov. Inslee interested in Bellingham waterfront cleanup, potential for job creation: http://bit.ly/BhamWaterfront
Water: Irrigation in Yakima Valley
Location: Yakima Valley
As droughts and dry seasons increase, water scarcity for farmers in the Yakima Valley is a looming threat. The Roza Irrigation District's new reservoir is designed to store and save water. Gov. Inslee visited the reservoir and later met with local dairy farmers who developed innovative digester technology to create energy and fuel from animal waste by-products.
Gov. Inslee checks out progress on Roza Irrigation reservoir: http://bit.ly/RozaTCH
Governor intent on meeting water supply demands in Eastern Washington: http://bit.ly/RozaYH
Governor Jay Inslee Visits Yakima Valley and Praises Local Project: http://bit.ly/RozaKNDU
Governor delivers climate change message:
Forest Health: Beetle Infestation
Location: Bingen
In forests near the Gorge, the Asian long-horned beetle is doing some serious damage, which many researchers say is an increasing problem due to climate change. Gov. Inslee visited forests along the Gorge ravaged by these beetles. Later, he announced a grant to Wind River Biomass Utility that supports a clean energy heat and power generation plant using wood biomass fuel near Stevenson in Skamania County that will generate new jobs in the rural timber community.
Global warming: Is state doing enough to protect timber from invading beetle? http://bit.ly/BeetleWA1
Gov. Inslee stops at Bingen during state-wide tour, hears of Gorge area forest woes related to beetles, drought: http://bit.ly/BeetleWA2
Invasive bark beetles spread in Gorge:
Flooding: Impacts on Local Businesses, Schools
Location: Chehalis, WA
On Climate Disruption, Washington Governor Inslee Vows "Disruptive Change": http://bit.ly/truthoutWA
Inslee: Carbon regulation could fund education, flood control: http://bit.ly/FloodControl
Funding for Chehalis flood fix subject to debate: http://bit.ly/ChehalisFlood
Those living in the Chehalis Flood Basin are no strangers to flooding. But the threat of floods is increasing due to climate change. Gov. Inslee met with the Chehalis Basin Working Group to hear about their work to mitigate climate impacts. He also toured Helsing Junction Farm and met with students at Adna High School who endure flooding as a part of their every day lives. Finally, Gov. Inslee announced funding for Onalaska Wood Energy and their innovative technology that converts woody biomass to produce marketable energy products.
Problems & Solutions:
Water & Alternative Energy
Location: Auburn & Redmond, WA
The rising temperature of the Green River has harmful impacts on salmon populations. The Reddington Levee Setback Project works to mitigate problems like these. After meeting with those working on the Levee project, Gov. Inslee visited Helion Energy, a clean tech company advancing award-winning nuclear fusion clean energy technology.
Gov. Inslee checks in with Redmond’s Helion Energy:
Governor Activates Fusion: http://bit.ly/HelionEnergy
Reddington Levee setback project tour, Green River Watershed: http://bit.ly/LeveeVimeo
Gov. Inslee tours Reddington levee in Auburn, talks climate change: http://bit.ly/AuburnClimateTour
Gov. Inslee at Taylor Shellfish in Shelton
Anacortes Mayor Laurie Gere with Gov. Inslee and Anacortes Public Works Director, Fred Buckenmeyer
Gov. Inslee at UniEnergy Technologies in Mukilteo where he presented smart grid grants
Gov. Inslee joins local officials at the West Point Treatment Plant in Seattle
Gov. Inslee at a roundtable in Bellingham discussing the waterfront redevelopment and cleanup.
Dept. of Agriculture Director Hover joins Gov. Inslee at the Roza Irrigation District's new reservoir
A tree in the Columbia River Gorge with a fungal infection from an invasive bark beetle. Photo via Todd Murray/Washington State University
The owners of Helsing Junction Farm are working to mitigate flood impacts on their land
Gov. Inslee tours Helion Energy where they're working on clean nuclear fusion technology
Climate Tour

Dabob Bay
People around Washington are experiencing climate impacts. We will not wait to mitigate and innovate. We will lead on climate action.
We will #ActOnClimate

In April 2014, Gov. Inslee outlined steps to reduce carbon pollution in Washington and improve energy independence through use of clean energy.

Taking Action:
Gov. Inslee's Executive Order

Location: Olympia, WA
Later that spring, Inslee made stops around the state to highlight the challenges facing communities, businesses and families as a result of climate change. He also also visited industries and governments managing the impacts of climate change and developing innovative solutions to help prevent climate change from getting worse.
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