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Newfoundland Confederation

No description

Sarah Nowlan

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Newfoundland Confederation

The Demographics of Newfoundland The demographics of Newfoundland could make Confederation seem pointless. In Newfoundland, there is not a lot of people and they all get along and the people all have the same culture. The Geography of Newfoundland The geography of Newfoundland could affect their view on Confederation, since the only way to get to Newfoundland is by boat. It would be hard for Canada to inform Newfoundland with new information, and give them money and supplies. Pros and Cons Pros:
Goods from Britain
More resources
Gets out of debt
Bigger population
Ferry Service Important Figures in Newfoundland My Opinion Bibiliography http://www.heritage.nf.ca/law/confed/html


Our Canada textbook by Sarah Nowlan Newfoundland Confederation Cons:
Has a strong identity
Britain gave money to them
Has their own choice in
Has survived on their own
Less population Goods from Britain Newfoundland would receive different
goods from Canada if they joined. They
would get different food and have a
bigger variety of people to trade their goods with. More Resources Newfoundland can get more things
from the other provinces in Canada
that Newfoundland didn't have themselves. Getting Out of Debt Newfoundland would get out of debt by
joining Confederation because Canada promised them that they would pay off their debts if they joined. Bigger Population Newfoundland wasn't a very big
province and joining Confederation
would give them more people. Ferry Service Newfoundland was promised a
ferry service if they joined
confederation so Newfoundland
could stay in touch with the other
provinces of Canada. Having a Strong Identity Newfoundland had a strong identity
and many people in the province feared
if they joined confederation than they
would lose their identity. Britain Gave Them Money Newfoundland was given money to
support themselves by Britain until
Britain stopped giving them money.
Britain had stopped because they were
in great debt. Had Their Own Choice in Government Newfoundland had a strong government
that their people had control over and
decided who governed them. Has Survived on Their Own Newfoundland had survived on their own for
years. Newfoundland could have went longer surviving on their own because they had plenty of money and resources to survive on their own. Less Population Newfoundland had very little people in their
province and having less people meant less debt
and more money. They also had more resources and
they didn't have to give any to Canada. In Newfoundland, there were a few important figures. Some of which were Alfred B. Morine and William V. Whiteway. Alfred was Newfoundland's Finance Minister and he supported Confederation. William was an avowed confederate. I think that Newfoundland made the right
decision when joining confederation. I think
so because Newfoundland brought the decision
to a vote for the Newfoundlanders and the
Newfoundlanders decided to become part of
confederation. Newfoundland kept it fair and wasn't
influenced by the things that Canada offered them. CREDITS!!! Thanks To:

Miss Westman for assigning this assignment

My friends for helping me. THE END!!!!!!!
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