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Innovation Slideshow

For the GSWS Weekeneder Issue 3

Dulcy Gregory

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Innovation Slideshow

Who said
what? GSWS Weekender
Innovation Snippets Join the Conversation
www.theweekendergsws.com And one more thing... Innovation
between a leader
and a follower. Innovation is a
change that creates
a new dimension
of performance. Innovation is the
capability of
continuously achieving
a desired future. Snippet #1 Snippet #2 Snippet #3 Peter
Drucker John
Kao Snippet #4 Snippet #5 Snippet #6 Innovation is the creation
of better or more effective
products, processes, services,
technologies, or ideas that are
accepted by markets,
governments, and society. Innovation is applied
creativity or creativity for
a purpose. Whatever the
goal, innovation has a
practical purpose that aims
to create value by changing
something in the real
world, not just in
the imagination. An innovation is the
implementation of a new or
significantly improved product
(good or service), or process,
a new marketing method, or
a new organizational method
in business practices,
workplace organization
or external relations. enlarge your screen and...
just start clicking...
it's actually quite fun
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