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Intro class to GIFLE WRITING

Darren Ng

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of LESSON 1 for GIFLE WRITING

GIFLE Writing Welcome to in iastic thus theos God of Powerful Excited Creative Let me introduce myself Taught in Korea
for 3.5 years Canadian - Chinese My wife is
Korean! I love teaching! How about you? Newly-wed
Darren Ng She's an English teacher too! Introduction to the Writing Course Today's
Lesson Aim
About Your
Instructor The most
in this class Do you feel like this? Identity
crisis I'm a
writer! Listen carefully! Home of enthusiastic emerging writers darkness Our Identity
as a Writer Emerging
Writer faster stronger wiser growing, budding
light darkness emerging
en in iastic en thus of = [Greek] to be to be Course Syllabus 80 points Essay
25 points "Show and Tell"
15 points Participation in 3 ways... 1. 2. 3. Class Admin What to bring to class Print One Copy Save One Copy Upload One Copy http://criterion.ets.org How to
Your Work The Pile Game Today's Homework Bring Class Materials Complete Survey! Choose Essay
Your Essay Topic Brainstorm
Writing Activities
for Show and Tell Have a great day! stay enthusiastic!
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