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Into the Wild

No description

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Into the Wild

Into the Wild
Alex Schlorff.
Zykia Godlewski.
Brianna Albaugh.
Character List
Chris McCandless (Alexander Supertramp)- Journeys throughout the United States before entering Alaska and eventually dying.

The couple from Anchorage- Find Chris's SOS note.

Jan Burres and Bob- Finds Chris in the summer of 1990 when he is searching for edible berries along US Highway 101.

Charlie- Old man who lives outside of Bullhead City, and lets Chris live in his empty RV.

Ron Franz- Gives Chris a ride from Salton City, California to Grand Junction, Colorado. Ends up "living off the land" because of Chris.

Character List Cont.
Jim Gallien- Last person to see McCandless alive.

Carine McCandless- Chris's younger sister.

Walt McCandless- Chris's dad, NASA scientist.

Billie McCandless- Walts wife from his second marriage

Ken Thompson, Gordon Samel, and Ferdie Swanson- Moose hunters who find the bus and McCandless's body

Wayne Westerberg- Grain Elevator Operator, offers McCandless a job, place to stay, and a ride.
Chapter 1: The Alaskan Frontier

Chris meets Jim Gallien, a man who gives McCandless a ride to The Stampede Trail just north of Mt. McKinley.

The date was April 28, 1992 when Chris entered The Stampede Trail
Chapter 2: The Stampede Trail
In early September an Anchorage couple stumble across the bus and find McCandlesses SOS note and notice the smell of a dying corpse. They are shortly joined by three moose hunters, Ken Thompson, Gordon Samel, and Ferdie Swanson and they discover the dead body of McCandless in a sleeping bag on top of a makeshift bunkbed.
Chapter 3: Carthage
Westerberg picks up Chris while he is hitchhiking in the fall of 1990. Chris says he is planning on going to Saco Hot Springs, Westerberg told Chris to look him up in Carthage if he ever needed a job. A few weeks later Chris appeared in Carthage and worked for Westerberg. Chris disappeared in the summer of 1990, and his parents had no way of contacting him.
Chapter 4: Detrital Wash
A ranger from the national park service discovers McCandless's yellow
Datsun, it had been struck by a flash flood and the ranger cannot find its owner. Chris sets out to hike around Lake Mead, then went hitchhiking around the west for two months. He then started hitchhiking around Oregon where he met Jan Burres and her boyfriend Bob.
Chapter 4 Cont.
In California , Chris buys a second-hand canoe and paddles it to Mexico, then to the Gulf of California, ultimately heading to the Pacific Ocean. McCandless travels through Lake Havasu, the Bill Williams River, the Colorado River Indian Reservation, the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, and the U.S. Army's Yuma Proving Ground. McCandless was also caught illegally entering the United States.
Chapter 5: Bullhead City
Chris goes to Bullhead City and lives there for two months working at McDonalds and even opening up a bank account. He writes to Jan Burres and Bob and they are about to go visit him when he appears at their campsite. Chris stays with them and even helps them sell books at a local flea market.
Chapter 6: Anza-Borrego
Chapter 7: Carthage
Chapter 8: Alaska
Chapter 9: Davis Gulch
Chapter 10: Fairbanks
Chapter 11: Chesapeake Beach
Chapter 12: Annandale
Chapter 13: Virginia Beach
Chapter 14: The Stikine Ice Cap
Chapter 15: The Stikine Ice Cap
Chapter 16: The Alaska Interior
Chapter 17: The Stampede Trail
Chapter 18: The Stampede Trail
Chris sets up camp around salton sea where he meets Ronald Franz. After a few weeks Franz drives Chris to San Diego where he lives on the streets before leaving for Seattle. McCandless goes back to California and meets up with Franz, Franz says he wants to adopt Chris and Chris evades the question and says they will discuss it when he gets back from Alaska.
In March 1992, McCandless appears at Westerberg's grain elevator in Carthage. He planned on leaving April 15, when he would set off for Alaska. Westerberg finds out that there is tension between Chris and his father Walt.
There are three others besides Christopher McCandless (Gene Rosselini, John Waterman, and Carl McCunn) who traveled to Alaska to live off the land and failed, most of them miserably. People would write to Krakauer asking him why people would go into the will and not be prepared.
A hiker in Alaska is found dead and Jim Gallien and Wayne Westerberg think its Chris McCandless. McCandless's older half- brother is questioned by police and prepares to tell Walt and Billie about Chris's death.
Jon Krakauer interviews Walt after his son's body is recovered. Krakauer also reflects on the dynamics that might have caused a break between father, mother and son.
Krakauer interviews Carine McCandless, Chris's younger sister and, until he graduated from college, his confidante. Carine says that there isn't a day that goes by where she doesn't cry about Chris. Carine and her husband traveled to Alaska to bring home Chris's ashes.
10 Months after Chris had died Walt and Billie travel with Krakauer to Alaska. They say that they can see why Chris would like Alaska but it will never bring Chris back.
Krakauer mentioned how McCandless grew up to become who he was during his childhood. He also mentioned that McCandless went on a road trip before his freshman year of college. He came back from the road trip and was severely underweight. During the road trip, he lost his way in the Mohave Desert and nearly died of dehydration.
Krakauer believed that McCandless's death was not a suicide but rather an accident. Krakauer mentions himself in the majority of this chapter about his personal obsession with mountain climbing. He wanted to climb a rock formation called "Devils Thumb".
Krakauer planned to have supplies dropped off for his journey up "Devils Thumb". On his way up the rock formation, he was forced to stay in his tent for three days because of high winds and snow. Since he was trapped in the tent, he decided to smoke a marijuana cigar. This causes damage to the tent and decreases the temperature down to 30 degrees. He then decides to leave. Eventually he reaches the summit after five times of digging out of the snow.
McCandless stops to visit the Liard River Hot Springs. After he soaks in the springs, he gets a ride from a truck driver named Gaylord Stuckey. Stuckey buys McCandless a bag of rice and takes him to the University of Alaska.
Krakauer visits the Teklanika River one year and one week after McCandless decided not to cross it. Krakauer was well-equipped for the river. Him and his three man crew hike through the think brush to find a gauging station. There they found a steel cable that Krakauer could cross the engorged river.
McCandless returns to the bus on July 8th, 1992. He continued to hunt small game. He is very weak at this point, and is basically starving to death. On August 5th, he makes a journal entry saying that he has been in the wild for one hundred days. On August 12th, McCandless writes his final journal entry. He tears out a poem from a book and writes on the back "I have had a happy life and thank the lord. Goodbye and may god bless all."
Krakauer quotes a letter and believes that McCandless could have written sixty years after it was originally written. It was basically all along with what McCandless believed.
May 12, 1990:
Christopher Johnson McCandless graduates from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He tells his parents that he is going to spend the summer traveling in his car, a used yellow Datsun.
June 1990:
Mails his final college transcript and a brief note to his parents' home in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. McCandless's family will never hear from him again.
July 6, 1990:
Arrives at Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada.
July 10, 1990:
Abandons his car after it is damaged by a flash flood. Loads his belongings into his backpack and sets out on foot.
July–August 1990:
Hitchhikes to California's Lake Tahoe, then hikes into the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Travels to the Cascade mountains, across the lava beds of the Columbia River basin, and across the Idaho panhandle. Jan Burres and her boyfriend Bob discover McCandless by the side of the road and befriend him. In Cut Bank, Montana, meets Wayne Westerberg.
August 1990:
McCandless's parents drive to Atlanta looking for their son and discover that his apartment was vacated five weeks earlier.
August 10, 1990:
Receives a ticket for hitchhiking in Willow Creek, California.
October 1990:
McCandless's Datsun is discovered by a park ranger.
October 28, 1990:
In Needles, California, reaches the Colorado River. Walks south through the desert, arriving in Topock, Arizona, where he buys a second-hand canoe.
October–November 1990:
Canoes on the Colorado River, traveling through Lake Havasu, the Bill Williams River, the Colorado River Indian Reservation, the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, and the U.S. Army's Yuma Proving Ground. Sends a postcard to Wayne Westerberg at the Sioux Falls work-release facility where his friend has been incarcerated.
December 1990:
The private investigator employed by McCandless's parents discovers that their son donated $24,000 to OXFAM.
December 12, 1990:
Realizes that he will not reach the Gulf of California traveling this route. Meets duck hunters who drive him there.
December 14–24, 1990:
Pulls his canoe out of the water and sets up camp on the edge of a desolate plateau.

January 11, 1991:
Back in his canoe, encounters a violent storm that almost drowns him.
January 18, 1991:
Caught by U.S. Immigration officials when he tries to slip back into the country from Mexico. Spends one night in jail.
February 3, 1991:
Applies for an ID and a job in Los Angeles, then changes his mind and returns to the road.
February 9, 1991:
Camps at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a young German couple. Notes in his journal that he has lost over 25 pounds.
February 24, 1991:
Unearths the few belongings that he buried in the sand when he abandoned his Datsun.
February 27, 1991:
Buries his backpack and hitchhikes into Las Vegas.
May 10, 1991:
Leaves Las Vegas.
October 1991:
Arrives in Bullhead City, Arizona, where he works for two months at McDonald's and lives in an empty RV overseen by an old man named Charlie.
December 9, 1991:
Sends a postcard to Jan Burres in Niland, California, including a map so she and boyfriend Bob can visit him in Bullhead City.
December 13, 1991:
Unexpectedly appears at Burres's campsite at The Slabs campground in Niland.
January 1992:
Meets Ronald Franz while hitchhiking near California's Salton Sea.
February 1992:
Dropped by Franz at the San Diego waterfront. Mails Jan Burres a postcard telling her that he has been living on the streets in San Diego for a week.
March 5, 1992:
Sends postcards to Burres and Franz from Seattle.
March 12, 1992:
Calls Franz from Coachella, California, in the desert not far from the Salton Sea and asks Franz to pick him up.
March 13, 1992:
Spends one night at Franz's house.
March 14, 1992:
Driven by Franz to Grand Junction, Colorado.

March 14 (approximate) to March 28, 1992:
Works at Wayne Westerberg's grain elevator in Carthage, South Dakota.
March 1992:
Leaves Carthage, bound for Alaska.
April 13–15, 1992:
Stops at Liard Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada, where he is stuck for two days before hitching a ride with Gaylord Stuckey in the cab of his sunflower-seed-hauling truck.
April 18, 1992:
Hitchhikes north. Takes a photo of the sign that marks the official start of the Alaska Highway.
April 18–21, 1992:
Reads up on edible plants at the University of Alaska's Fairbanks campus. Buys a used gun and sends postcards. Leaving the campus, hikes west.
April 22, 1992 (approximate):
Pitches his tent on frozen ground not far from the Stampede Trail.
April 28, 1992:
Walking down the highway, is picked up by Jim Gallien, a truck-driving electrician on his way to Anchorage. A three-hour drive brings McCandless to the Stampede Trail.
April 30, 1992:
Sees Mt. McKinley.
May 1, 1992:
Finds an old bus beside the Sushana River and writes "Magic Bus Day" in his journal. Decides to stay for a while, taking advantage of the bus's ". . . crude comforts."
Mid-May, 1992:
With only four hours of darkness each night, can forage for edible plants. Feasts on lingonberries and rose hips.
July 3, 1992:
Prepares his backpack and sets out on the 20-mile hike back to the road.
July 5, 1992:
What had been a series of frozen beaver ponds in April has become a lake. What once was an easily fordable river is now a raging torrent that McCandless cannot cross. Heads back to the bus.
July 8, 1992:
Arrives back at the bus.
July 30, 1992:
August 5, 1992:
August 12, 1992:
Posting an S.O.S. note on the bus door, forages nearby for berries. Writes his final journal entry: "Beautiful blueberries."
August 18 or 19, 1992:
Dies, apparently of starvation, in his sleeping bag in the bus along the Sushana River in Alaska.
September 1992:
Hikers and hunters discover McCandless's S.O.S. note, then his body in the bus.
-Into the Wild by Jon Krakuaer
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