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jamique Mials

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of SS8CG5

Jamique MIals
Malik jefferson

What are the origins, functions, purposes,
and differences of county and city governments in Georgia.
County Governments
The origins:
" Parishes" became "Counties" after the American revolution.
There are 159 counties in Georgia.
What are the similarities and differences between:

weak mayor council

strong mayor council

council manager forms of city government
county continued

Weak Mayor Council
-Counties keep track of land ownership,
auto registration, and keep records on marriages.
-Register voters, build/maintain roads, operate local courts.
-the largest function of county governments is the operation of the school system.

-Mayor mostly for show, city council is in charge.
Strong Mayor Council
County continued

- Mayor is in charge with the power to hire/fire, run the city and veto city council decisions.
Council Manager
- the purpose of the county governments is to serve people at a local level and provide protection.

- The city manager who runs the city may or may not be mayor. If a mayor, he/she is like a city council mayor.
city government
-Towns and cities are called "municipalities"
- Cities must charge additional taxes to provide additional services.
- more govt. services= more taxes

what is the role of local government working with state agencies to administer state?
Can you describe the functions of special-purpose governments.
Special Purpose Districts: a special government created to serve a specific need

- school districts (most common and most expensive type)

- parks and recreation

- housing authorities
the state government
-Planning & monitoring
-Service delivery
-Lawmaking & enforcement
-Policy development
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