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religous orders

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of religous orders

religious orders
by Isaac Gay and Dominic Aloshious
The Marist Brothers originated from France. The Marist Brothers are a international community Instituted by the brothers. Saint Marcellin Champagnat formed this group with the goal of educating little children.
Saint Marcellin Chanpagnat believed he was sent down by God to help children especially sick childrens so this is why he built a catholic school so he can respond to God that he has help kids in need.
The religious mission of the marist brothers was to build a large amount of large catholic, high and primary schools.Saint Marcellin Chanpagnat knew that because he was brought down by god to do good and he knew that the idea's of schools would be excellent and will work.

Saint Marcellin Champagnat is the founder of the Marist Brothers. He started it because he had a strong belif that God sent him into this world to help young people especially those in need.
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