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4A Anglo-Saxon + The Seafarer

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Liz Miller

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of 4A Anglo-Saxon + The Seafarer

The Anglo-Saxons + "The Seafarer"
Occupants of Great Britain
Celts (+ Brythons) -Believed in god spirits everywhere, and had strong women characters; King Arthur and Queen Maeve
Romans -Began with Julius Caesar in 55 BC, introduced Christianity; evacuated troops in 409AD and Britain returned to country of clans
Angles and Saxons (from Germany) and Jutes (from Denmark) (449AD) - Renamed it Engles or England;
King Alfred of Wessex ruled and united the nation to fight Vikings;
English gains respect as a language
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is written;
had power for 600 years
Vikings - Invaded the but were defeated
Normans - Battle of Hastings- William the Conqueror gains power
Introduction to the Anglo-Saxon Period 449-1066
The history of English in 10 minutes
The author of this work is unknown
The poem has only an excerpt of the 124 line poem
Anglo-Saxons believed in wyrd (fate); death was inescapable, and there was no hope in an afterlife.
It does not have rhyme or rhythm
Yet, has
Simile- comparison with like and as
Personification -giving human characteristics to non-human things
Metaphor- comparison without like or as
Alliteration- repetition of consonant sounds
Caesura -pause inserted in the middle of a line.
Listen to the full poem and write the examples of these literary elements you hear.
The Seafarer
1) Who is the speaker of the poem?
2) From what point of view is the poem written?
3) What does the poem talk about?
4) Give an example of a metaphor in the poem.
5) Give an example of personification.
6) How does the speaker feel, what is his tone?
7) Where do you find alliteration in the poem?
8) What is anaphora? Where is it in the poem?
"The Seafarer" Anglo - Saxon Old English

Did you find these?
Bards (Scops)
Mead Hall
3 types of Anglo-Saxon Literature
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