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College Project

No description

hannah buechter

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of College Project

Samford University Getting in 85% admission rate
3.8 average GPA
Need: recommendation, essay, transcript, SAT/ACT score
Looks good: volunteer work, extra curricular, class rank, almuni
Essay fee $40 Samford University Information Samford University Finance Samford University Social and Transferring Sources Ferguson. Discovering Careers For Your Future. New York: 2005.
"Mercer Admissons" Mercer University, 2010. 29 February 2013. <http://www.gomercer.com>
"Mercer University" Mercer University, 2012. 29 February 2012. <http://mercer.edu>
"Samford University" Samford University 2012 < http://www.samford.edu/>
Samford University. Alabama: 2012.
University Of Georgia. Georgia:2012.
"University Of Georgia" College Board, 2012. 29 Fabrurary 2013. <http://www.collegedata.com/cs/data/college/college_pg02_tmpl.jhtml?schoolId=975> University of Georgia Mercer University Degree Requirments: minimum 3.0 GPA, 21 ACT, 1000 SAT
Tutoring: free in the Communication Resource Center
Bachelors degree needed
Typical courses: cultural perspectives, foreign language, and communication arts $33,400 per year (total cost)
Apply for scholarships before freshman
Most scholarships are for each year and count for four years
Some scholarships must be renewed yearly
Samford Legacy Scholarship, Leadership Scholarship, and Academic Scholarship Samford Bulldogs
Greek Life: 6 fraternities and 7 sororities
Sports (intramural and club): football, softball, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, table tennis
Transferring: apply, (grades C and higher will be counted) and transfer SAT/ACT scores and transcript. Private, medium- sized school in a suburban area Getting in: average GPA 3.68, a recommendation, transcript, SAT/ACT scores
Social: intramural and club sports (wrestling, cycling, badminton, swimming, table tennis, and volleyball.
many fraternities and sororities
Mascot: Toby the Bear
Budget: $32,466 per year (total cost)
Transfer: 2.5 GPA, trancript, SAT/ACT scores, essay, and application Social Events at
Samford Large, 4 year, public university
Getting in: average GPA 3.83
Requirements: recommendation, essay, transcript, SAT/ACT scores
Tutoring: free, this semester it starts January 14th
Social: many different sororities (Phi Mu) and fraternities (Sigma Pi) and many sports (swimming, soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, football)
Budget: $21,250 in state total cost (no HOPE)
Transfer: $60 fee, submit application and transcript; SAT/ACT test scores not needed Interview Freshman McKenna Lundwall at Samford University 1. What is five things you wish you would have known before you came to Samford?
- I wish I knew about the high standards and how hard Samford is on academics. It is not a party school. I wish I would would have known about prioritizing what you have to do and that I knew more about time management before I came to Samford. I wish I knew how to live with people before I came here. (roommates) I wish have been more prepared on how to live on my own.
2. What is your five favorite things about Samford?
-My favorite part is the people; everyone is nice. Next, Professors care about you and make themselves available to help. Next, I like the freedom, getting involved on campus, and the classes. College Research Project By: Hannah Buechter
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