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francisco vasquez de coronado

No description

Tristan Gordon

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of francisco vasquez de coronado

He died in September 22 year 1554. Date of birth 1510.
In memory of Francisco Vasquez De Coronado
francisco coronados ship and crew
The flag of spain
There was 100 people on the ship
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
He explored to find gold and silk
Francisco Vasquez De Coronados route
He sailed from Spain.
He was the first european to explore north America.he explored more land than any explorer.He was a spanish ruler.Him and his crew discovered the Grand Canyon.Francisco Vasquez De Coronado set out with about 300 spanish soldiers and roughly 1000 indians.
Francisco Vasquez De Coronado
The ships name was chebe la diminioz
His family
He had a wife and 8 children.He married a rich woman.He married Dona Beatriz De Estrada.
Approval by Mendoza's
In 1537, Coronado gained Mendoza’s approval by successfully putting down rebellions by black slaves and Indians working in the mines.
This is Spain
This is the armor that Francisco Vasquez De Coronado wore when he was searching for the gold and silk that he wanted to find.They had a black smith.
He ate any animal he killed. He ate pig meat, cow meat, He also ate fruit and vegetables he found. He loved cheese. He ate it with every meal.
The weapons they used
They used a lot of swords and black powder guns and bows
The indian tribe he encountered on his journey
He meet the Zuni pueblo tribe.
This is Francisco Vasquez De Coronados land route
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