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level 2 reading logs breakdown

No description

Nicola Bain

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of level 2 reading logs breakdown

Your Opinion Significant personal understandings and engagement with the theme as presented by actions/events in the text
Clear connections between text and your personal experiences
Show some originality Beyond the Text What has the text taught you about the world in which you live in (past/present)? Supporting Evidence Output Process Write down your two strongest opinions on the text, in relation to your chosen them.
Use SEXAS paragraphing to structure your log:
S - State your opinion
E - Example/Evidence from text
X - Explanation of why that relates to your opinion
A - Analyse by going beyond the text
S - Summary of your opinion Title:
Text Type:

You will have a reading log response that:
gives your opinion
gives evidence from that text that is used to explain why have that opinion
links to the real world Specific examples
Other relevant details Lvl 2 Reading Logs
Breakdown What has this text taught you about your chosen theme? What in the text made you have your opinion? Clear connections between the social, cultural, political or historical contexts within in the text and the outside world
The influences of society at the time on the author
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