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HUBtech @ Eskaret Practice Gathering

HUBtech update

Ruxandra Popa

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of HUBtech @ Eskaret Practice Gathering

in the past year,
HUB has successfully changed 2 of
its core IT platforms: the website & the social platform (HUBnet)
developing an ops system (HUBops) in house has proven less successful, so the project was shut down
HUBops has been a great learning experience in terms of knowing our internal capacity, and positioning
HUBtech new microsites in place
90% of the network on HUBnet, more and more content and several best practices examples (Amsterdam, Singapore)
the support site up&running, incorporating a ticketing system and an interactive knowledge base Ghost of the Present our commitment of migrating
to better platforms has been kept,
with the only exception of the
ops system Learnings & changes Accomplishments Key Strategic Areas we are currently developing the tech strategy for 2013 and your feedback will be much appreciated (#techstrategy2013)
concentrating not only on delivering tech tools, but also on better communication and collaboration with the network
Enabling HUBs to function at their best by designing and leading processes, systems and tools that build and manage communities, but also foster collaboration within HUBs and across the network....
and whatever else is needed. :) Thank you.
Ghost of the Past visited by in the HUBops aftermath, we decided to
go for an off-the-shelf solution. The Ghost of Future
What else should we add? #techstrategy2013

tools that support innovation @HUB
(e.g.: HUBpassport supporting global membership)
strategic approach to network data
external communication (further developing HUBweb )
internal communication and knowledge base (posting more data on the support platform, building a stand-alone practice platform)
connection & collaboration tools (enhancing HUBnet capacity)
new ops system in place (Cobot vs. Open Bravo) #cobotvsopenbravo 2012 2013 system infrastructure & network support 3 Takeaways 1. You the boss! The needs of the HUBs drive the tech agenda

2. All in one place: all the tools we're delivering will be integrated, with a single entry point for members (HUBnet) and for HUB staff (support site)

3. Collaboration: we want to engage with the network more, so get informed & get involved through:
stay in close communication with us
become our partner in co-creating tools
take ownership of development projects Then the HUBtech's Mission Must Be... on behalf of the Tech Team,
Ruxandra Popa
ruxandra.popa@the-hub.net Glimpses into the Future
Reputation Currency Prototype #reputationcurrency Useful links request access to the support site here:
to roll-out HUBnet to all of your members, contact me: ruxandra.popa@the-hub.net

#HowtoHUBnet #techstrategy2013 #cobotvsopenbravo #techies
#reputationcurrency Introducing
Reputation Currency @HUB,
concept and prototype:
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