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The 7 habit

No description

Micaela Casipit

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of The 7 habit

THE SEVEN HABITS #ONE:The first habits is be proactive In this habit you need to be helpfull and not to be mean and if some one need help you need to help them. #2:The second habit is begin with the end in mind in this habit is about having a goal to get what you want. #3:The habit number 3 is put first ting first its like if you have homework and chores and you play before your homework and chores and then you go in school and your theacher said where is your homework you need to lie because you did'nt do your home. #4:Think win win its like my team want to play soccer and the other team want to play to. so you need to think win win I gonna do is let them play with us so it's think win win. #5:Seek first to understand,Thento Be understood dont just lisen to your ears lisen with you eyes and heart too. #6:Synergize is about working together you need to work together to won, not like where gonna lose because there good you need to belive to your self to won you need to work as a team. #7: Sharpen the saw if you love to read dont just read every time. You need to work every thing like the mind the body the soul and the heart
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