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Congressional Decision making

No description

Tony Litherland

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Congressional Decision making

Congressional Decision making:
Frozen Polarization Caps while the country burns up

Introduction to Congressional Decision making
Deliberation is the flagship of representation
Madison argued for debate, deliberation, reflection, bargaining, flexibility, moderation, compromise and wiser decisions
Moderate center has shrunk to inability, ineffectiveness
the country is at risk of a burning policy collapse
TV has focused on the controversy and abandoned any attempt to nurture good policy decisions
parties are polarized and frozen stiff like an iceberg, a glacier and became one huge block of obstinance
What are the Components of decision making
Bargaining, Compromise
It should restrain the extremism of wild factions
It should allow moderate adjustments to corect mistakes and correct the majority
The Root Of Congressional Cancer
Party Cohesion was moderated by local political needs
Party Cohesion is now determined by ideological purity
Realism has lost to Idealism
Purists attack moderates
Logrolling was a bargaining strategy
Logrolling is unaccaptable to the idealist -- any deal for pork is considered selling out to Satan
Much needed Reforms
Reduce polarization via reducing "safe seat syndrome"
Increase use of the Open primary
Curtail Attack ads that depress participation
Public finance of campaigns to encourage wider range of candidates
Change the voting inside Congress bac down to 51%
Media must do its job and focus on analysis, education and fairness
Voters must commit to deeper knowledge

The Debate over the Budget
Primary voters
All Voters
All Republican voters
All Democratic voters

How do we measure success?
Review the charts
What conclusions do you draw?
The PROBLEM: We have to borrow money to keep the economy from losing jobs but we cannot keep borrowing money over the long run. We have a short term austerity problem and a long run threat to the ability pay for our fiscal commitments

The SOLUTION: Is to remain loyal to principles: Democrats are correct that the rich cannot have it all and Republicans are right in that poor cannot have too much without working for it. A compromise is in order.

The Republican Argument
The Democratic Argument
They can fix the Obama Care website but they can never fix Obama Care. It will bankrupt the economy not just the government.
Young Millennials will never pay for expensive policies they consider optional at best; unless you have a website that works, the young digital persona will not waste time to enroll.
You cannot keep your doctor, the new policies are much more expensive, and the government will decide who lives and dies.
The cost is far larger than advertised; it will be a threat to all future balanced budgets
Businesses and individuals will dump their private insurance for subsidized insurance creating enormous pressure on the budget
We lost the 2012 election because we were not conservative enough
The train wreck of Obama Care will dwarf the bicycle crash of the government shut down.
The Affordable Healthcare Plan will eventually reduce the average cost. Some will pay more and most will pay less.
It is wrong for a militant minority faction to block all efforts to improve the act.
It is a delusional claim that the AHA will usher in socialism
We cannot govern by crisis so we have to raise taxes eventually.
The public wants compromise, reforms and a bargain = solutions
Getting more people insured will lower the costs for all
The Nightmare of the Tea Party continues year after year, temporary rejection or loss is not a deterrent to their overall plan to dismantle the federal government, restore the power and control to the states and shrink government to its barest components.
The Tragedy of the Commons is that it has become so small.
The topic of immigration
Open up classmind and answer the following essay question:
Use the above topic and demonstrate that you know how congressmen make decisions, what is wrong, and why Congress seems unable to make a deal.
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