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Glory Road

For my Ag Communication & Leadership class

Collin Russell

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Glory Road

Leadership Movie Glory Road Coach Don Haskins begins his coaching career for Texas Western College in El Paso, and is forced to create a division 1 basketball team with a very low budget. Haskins then decides to find the best players in the country, even if they are Black, which has not been seen in this area of college basketball. This Texas Western Miners team became comprised seven black and five white athletes, and eventually played for the NCAA championships against University of Kentucky. Eventually, this sports team began to represent more than basketball, but racial equality and defeating the prejudices that society holds against the colored members of our communities. Plot Main Characters Don Haskins - Head Coach
Moe Iba - Assistant Coach
Mary Haskins - Wife of Don Haskins
Bobby Joe Hill - Black Point Guard
David "Big Daddy D" Lattin - Black Starting Center
Orsten Artis - Black guard
Willie Worsley - Black guard
Harry Flournoy - Black Starter
Nevil Shed - Black Starter
Willie Cager - Suffered from Heart Murmurs
Adolph Rupp - Head Coach of University of Kentucky Main Characters Don Haskins Bobby Joe Hill David "Big Daddy D" Lattin Don Haskins
Adolph Rupp Both Haskins and Rupp use the "telling" form of leadership during the championship game. They tell their players what they need to hear, and when they ask questions, they aren't really looking to hear their answers. "I speak, you listen"
Authoritative leadership, he tells them what to do and they listen Coach Haskin First Impression the players get of the coach http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi3034448153/ (aka: "Telling" Leadership Style!) Once Bobby Joe talked back, Haskins
taught him that you do not talk back
to the coach. You listen and you obey
and you do not disrespect.
Haskins ability to work hard and work others hard allows him to be an authoritative leader. Leadership Used Don Haskins can switch between different leadership styles, which is important for a leader because different styles are appropriate for different situations.
In the next clip, Haskins "sells" Bobby Joe to come play for Texas Western Haskins "Selling" Leadership THE END Racism - Shed got mugged in a bathroom at a diner, Motel rooms trashed and warning written on the walls with blood. Struggles & How they Dealt With Adversity This adversity was met with the determination to stick together as a team. No matter how scared they got, they would always be together and help one another out. Their winning also helped show the world that Black men were able to play basketball and that race was not a negative component.
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