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jane lansang

on 21 September 2012

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*Their inventions that have changed our lives INVENTIONS
AND INVENTORS Wright Brothers. In the evolution of air travel, the names that standout most conspicuously are Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright, popularl known as the Wright brothers.
The invention of aeroplane has made every part of this world within reach of human beings
Albert Einstein, the first atomic bomb was made by a team scientists; J. Robert Oppenheimer, Otto Han, Compto, Fermi, Szilard, and Alber Einstein. It was successfully tested about 200 miles from Los Angeles in U.S. On July 6, 1945. The bomb explosion caused 40 000 feet highMushroom shaped cloud. The light was seen 450 miles away and devastating heat Was felt all around for miles

Lazslo Biro,
He invented the ball-point pen in 1938
Galileo Galilei. A clinical thermometer is an instrument used to record the body temperature of a human being. The first known thermometer is made by him.
Herman Hollerith. The ideas and devices developed by many engineers and scientists led to invention of the computer.
The first electronic computer was devised in 1888 A.D. B an american named Herman Hollerith
The first semi-electronic computer was developed b John Astanasoff in 1944 A.D. But the fully electronic computer was developed by two American Engineers
presper Eckret and John Mauchly
Alfred Nobel. He invented dynamite in 1876. dynamite today is widely used for various kind of explosions. It is particularly usefil in the minig industry. Dynamite explosions are used to access mineral deposits deep below the surface of the earth.
Henry W. Seely. With the invention of hydroelectric power in 1881 in England, the way for an electric iron was paved. The very next year , he developed the electric iron the first electrical home appliance. It was powered by an electric arc. When it was used, it produced a hissing and spluttering sound.
Willem Einthoven. A dutch physician, he received the 1924Nobel prize in physiology and medicine for his invention of electrocardigraph. Eithoven pioneered in creating diagnostic procedures based upon the electricity discharged from the tissues. He also devised Einthven’s law. The formula fundamental to the interpretation of electricardiograms
Elisha Graves Otis. He was a United States inventor and manufacturer. In 1852, he developed an automatic safety device to prevent a lifter contraption from falling if the cable were to break. This invention made the modern skyscrapper possible
G.H Wheeler and W. Reno. An escalator is a moving stairway that transport people from one floor to another. Escalators are found at the airports, stores, and subway stations.
Onesiphore Pecquer. He was a frenchman who invented the gears in 1827 A.D. A gear is a mechanical device that transfers rotating motion of power from one part of a machine to another. Gears are various sizes ranging from tiny gears of a watch to huge gears of super tanker
Most gears are made of steel although nylon, bronze and plastics are also used. The gears also used in modern cars, etc.
George de Maestral. Nothing the sticky ability of hook like protusions of burdock seeds. He got the idea that had a long lasting effect on the clothing industry. He noticed thatthe burdock seeds had a sticking power that could replace even buttons and make fastening easier and less cumbersome HOOK AND LOOP FASTENER
Gerald tissain. He was a frenchman who invented ice cream which has been enjoyed since 1620. at first, there were limited flavors. Today, we get to enjoy a wide variety of flavored ice cream made by numerous companies throughout the world.
Theodore H. Maimon. An american, scientist, he developed the first laser in 1960 by flashing ordinary light into rod of synthetic ruby. LASER is the acronym for light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser are used in industry, medicine, communication. Etc.
Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. A road vehicle with an enclosed compartment for the passengers, the motor car is powered by an internal combustion engine. It is also called an automobile. The first car with steam powered engine was invented by him in 1769 A.D. The electri car was developed by William Morrison in 1890.
A device to slow the descent of an object or person from a great height, the parachute in 1495 A.D. The firstsuccessful parachute jump was made by Seastion Lenormand, a Frenchman in 1797
Jn Niepce. With the development of the camera obscura in italy in 1500, photography was invented. In 1727, German physicist Johann Schulte discovered that silver salts turned dark when exposed to light. In 1826, a French inventor. JN Niepce, coated a metal plate with some chemical and exposed it to light to produce the first photograph.
Henry Hertz. A German, he discovered radio waves in 1887. with the inventionof the microphone by Graham Bell and the audion tube which transmitted and amplified impluses invented by Lee de Forest, the radio that we are now know became reality. The Brittish broadcasting Corporation have made radio an integral part of out lives since 1922
Rene Lasnnec. This french physician wjo invented the stethoscope is used to hear the sounds produced by various organs of the body such as the heart and the lungs. Previous to this invention, doctors pressed their ears next to the patient’s body to hear the sounds of the organ being examined Archimedes. A Greek mathematician, he invented the screw for pupose other than what is known and used for today for drawing purposes not for wood work.
Alexander Graham Bell. He invented the telephone which was the predecessor of the mobile phone and which was first produced by the Bell Company for the benifit of the police. Included was the cellular phone which was developed by the american Telephone and Telegraph’s Bell Laboratories in 1978
John Logi Baird. He was a scottish engineer who was cedited for building the first practical television in 1923. in 1928, he made the first color television which was popularized by Japan’s Sony Corporation
Sir Jmes Dewar. He invented in 189 the thermo flask which is also called Vacuu flask that can keep liquids hot or cold for hours
Hamilton Smith. Clothes have been washed by hand for thousands of years; in 1958, he developed a labor-saving washing machine WASHING MACHINE
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