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Project Smile :)

Oral Presentation Slides

Victoria Ang

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Project Smile :)

Lack Of Sleep
Poor Time Management Skills
Proper time management skills is essential
Without it, teens will experience the pressure of being rushed,
worry about being late, be anxious about others’ frustrations
towards them because they are late and other unnecessary
These may result in grumpy moods and high levels of stress.

By : Ng Ying Ying, Joel Neo,
Joshua Loh, Wei Bi Qiong,
Ryan Ng, Shermin Teo,
Victoria Ang, Loo Zi Yi,
Sheryl Ng, Rachel Yu

Sleep is essential to brain activity
It also affects our mood.
Teens need about 9 1/4 hours of sleep each night to function best (for some, 8 1/2 hours is enough).
A study has found that only 15% reported sleeping 8 1/2 hours on school nights.
Insufficient sleep will lead to aggressive or inappropriate behaviors (Eg. Yelling and getting impatient with others)
In the long run, this will affect the mental well-being of the teen and the people around them.

Reasons That
Lead to High
levels of STRESS
Peer Pressure
It refers to thoughts that are exaggerated and irrational.
This can damage confidence, harm performance and paralyse mental skills.
Which will lead to stress in teenagers when they mentally place a stronger emphasis on the negative events that lowers their self-esteem and minimize the positive events that should increase their self-esteem.
People who thinks negatively tends to imagine and expect the worst scenario possible, leading to high level of mental tension
Cognitive Distortion
-Peers influence teenagers more than their parents as they spend large amount of time with their friends in school.
- Some teenagers may be unable to handle the pressure exerted by their friends and hence face high levels of stress
-Therefore, peers play an important role in impacting teenager's values, perspective, and decisions and eventually happiness.
Our Survey
Smile :)

To reach out to more students, we made use of social media websites and posted inspiring quotes and pictures in the hope that they may cheer up C:
we pasted post-its and posters with fun facts and quotes around the school to raise awareness on the effects of stress
During breaks, we played
music to liven the
atmosphere in the hope that
with a lightened mood,
they will be in a more positive mood
and help them cope better with lessons
To attract interest from students, we took pictures of students pledging to be happy. We hope that this will also get them to appreciate the small things in life that make them happy.
Lack Of Sleep: With each individual coping with stress differently, sleep patterns can fluctuate from one to another.

Time Management: With a larger daily workload, managing schedules is challenging.

Peer Pressure:The individuals in the crowd lose their sense of individual self and unquestioningly follow the predominant ideas and emotions of the crowd to fit in as they are pressurized.

Cognitive Distortion: The mentality and way of outlook one has on a particular situation can alter their actions and approach.

Underlying problem
Given that Singapore students face societal to excel which results in high levels of stress, how could Project Smile help students to better manage
stress levels and make them individuals.
Survey Results
Before the outreach
Overall, a total of 406 responses reveived。

The average number of sleeping hours a Dunmanian get is only 6.5 hours a day

Only 18% of the students take afternoon naps, this shows that the students may not have the time to do so.
- Overall, a total of 218 responses received after the outreach.

- 52% of them claimed that they had seen one of our initiative, which is to paste positive post-its around the school.

After the outreach
- Overall, a total of 218 responses received after the outreach.

- 52% of them claimed that they had seen one of our initiative, which is to paste positive post-its around the school.
Comments received on other ways to make the school more cheerful include playing more music, giving out small initiatives, and even free hugs.

This shows that our schoolmates are aware of people around them or even themselves feeling unhappy or moody often because of stress. They also have the intention to improve this situation and our project caters to all who are feeling stressed out.
- 88% of the students occasionally feels lethargic during school hours

-46% of the students are finding it difficult to concentrate and focus due to restlessness while 27% feel irritable and edgy
When presented with an reward or recognition, 18% of the students feel that fate or luck played more of a role
33% of the students felt that their hard work have paid off while

76% of the respondents revealed that they feel occasionally pressurized by their peers academically.
Thus showing that peer pressure influenced a teen’s happiness level which is in relation with their stress level.
After the Outreach
54% said that they had a general idea of our project. Hence, we can safely conclude that our project has reached its aim.
Outreach @ The Lawn
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