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The Tell-Tale Heart


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Transcript of The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart Conflict
Man Vs. Man Man Vs. Himself The home care worker and the old man. The home care worker didnt like the old man's eye so he was planning to kill him. The fear of getting caught was finally getting to the home care workers head and he was trying to stay quiet around the police but he finally told them what he did Setting
This storie took place a long time ago
in an old mans house, but mostly in the
old mans room. Characters
Old Man Home care
worker The old man had one
pale blue eye that drove
the home care workier crazy.
The eye looked like a valture's.
And this man was old A possest young man who
took care of the old man. This storie was told in first person. It was told by the
home care worker. the point of view The Plot
The exposition of the storie is when
the home care worker was thinking
about killing the old man. Then some parts
of the rising action is when the home care
worker was making the plan to kill the old man and when he was spying on the old man. The part just before the climax was when the home care worker kills the old man. The climax is when the guilt eats away at the homecare worker and he tells the police this is also the end of the storie Theme Dont commite crimes because the
guilt will eventually eat away at you. by:bradly and autumn
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