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AVID College Research Project

No description

Joseph Lopez

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of AVID College Research Project

AVID College Research Project
Is the college a two year or four year university ?
list 10 academic programs that the college offers ?
1 . 6 .
What is the name of the college you
are researching ?
The college that I'm researching is the University of Alabama.
Is the college public or private ?
The college is public.
The college is a four year university
How big is the student population ?
The student population is 33,602
What state and city is the college located in ?
The college is located in Tuscaloosa,AL
What is the mailing address and phone number

for the college ?
phone # :
mailing address :
The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa,AL
What is the Mascot for the college ?
The mascot for the college is BIG AL
What are the admission requirements ?
GPA : 3.0 +
SAT : Reading 490-620 Math 500-640 Writing 480 600
List 10 sports programs and/or activities that the college offers which
interest you .
1 .
2 .
3 .
Water Polo
5 .
6 . Soccer
7 . basketball
4 .
8 . Tennis
9 .
10 .
2 .
3 .
4 .
5 .
What are the application fees and deadlines ?
Does the campus offer on-campus housing ? If so, how much is on
on-campus housing ? How much is a cafeteria (food) plan ? Do they offer
a housing and food package ? If so, how much does that cost ?
Are there housing requirements for the college ?
housing deposit $250
housing deposit due on Feb. 1
What other expenses should a student expect at the college
(books, parking, and lab fees ?
books and supplies are : $ 1,200
lab fees : $ 250
What is fun , exciting , and different about the college that
would make it attractive to students ?
Why would you choose this college ?
I would choose this college because they offer a lot of sports
and I would like to play on the college football team .
Undergraduate Majors
Academic Catalogs
Graduate Programs
Law Programs
Online & Distance Degree Programs
Core Curriculum
7 .
Schedule of Classes
8 .
Academic Common Market
9 .
Blount Undergraduate Initiative
10 .
Capstone International
The application fee is $40 and the deadline is due by December 15.
What is the tuition (in-state or out of state) for the college ?
*you may see tuition costs for quarters , semesters ,or the year .
Be sure to say what the tuition is for .
Tuition and Fees : on campus off campus at home
Tuition and Fees :
on campus off campus at home
Freshman are permitted to have a car
no pets !
People would want to go to this college for what it has to offer .
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