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Computer Systems


Tamia ce

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Computer Systems

Computer Systems Hardware Software External Operating System Internal Monitor An operating system is the most important criteria that helps run a computer. The purpose of an operating system is it helps maintain/control the computer's memory. The monitor connects to the video card. Which then lets us be able to see whats projecting on our screens. Monitor Screen There are 3 types of operating systems that are popular to this very moment and they are Windows, Apple, and Linux. The screen is what we see the objects on. Example when you type on the screen comes up with what you're typing. Screen Keyboard Windows 8 The keyboard is a very main external object. You need the keyboard to be able to have text come on to your screen. Windows 8 is the recent release of Windows new operating system. Keyboard If you were to enter a room and yell out "apple rules" and "PC's stink" you start a riot. This problem has been raged in social network sites (Twitter, Facebook) and around schools. Mouse The mouse is also a very important external object It moves the courser To click on objects on the screen Mouse Windows has a huge advantage in games while mac users don't really buy and play games. Mac computer's are more powerful and secure than Windows. Speaker The speaker can be located in the computer or it can be on the sides. Speakers are what play sounds if you're watching a video or music. On windows 8 you can use it on a portable device like tablets or mobile devices. Windows 8 has a built in anti virus protection. The speaker can be in the computer or on the side of the computer. The speaker plays sounds. Linux Microphone Linux is also another popular operating system that most teenagers enjoy. A microphone lets you talk to others if you are video chatting with them. Microphones are now usually built into the computer There are no C or D drives You need to learn a new file system since it is different form windows Web cam Web cams are now usually built in the computers they let you video chat with someone else, meaning they can see your face. Web cams can be very dangerous though, if they are in the computers. Reason being because they can get hacked. Printer/Scanner Printer is used to print of things from your computer. Some printers are wireless others are connected to your computer. A scanner is part of the printer, it scans a piece of paper then prints it out. CPU/Processor CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. Others also called it the processor. This has a very important role, the CPU is used to make your computer work. Its like our brains for example, we need our brain to be able to function. Same with a computer, it needs the CPU to be able to work. Motherboard The Motherboard is where everything gets held. Such as CPU, memory card, control video card etc. Power Supply The Power Supply is the makes the computer stay on, you have to plug it into the wall for the computer to work. Graphics Card A graphics card helps enhance games, by making them faster and better quality. Sound Card The sound card is what makes the sound work for your speakers. Hard Drive The hard drive is what stores all your documents and other things that you have saved to your computer. CD/DVD ROM Windows doesn't have a proper command line. Each application looks completely different. There is no way to save the system when crashes occur. Apple Apple designs, develops, and sells electronics. It is a major developing industry and their main competition is windows. Mac and PC's have been in a battle for many years. PC's were the go to computer because developers used to write the best app for windows first. Window has software that is more widely available. Macs are more expensive than PC's. You can get better customer support with a Mac. Application software PC's There are many different types of application software for PC's. Some of them include, Microsoft Windows, Excel, Publisher, Weebly, Prezi, and many more. Microsoft Word Microsoft word is a word processor. The recent versions of this application is Microsoft Office Word 2010 and Microsoft Office Word 2011. Word is commonly used as a format for sending text documents. This application has many features like spell check, grammar check, open files, bold, underline, italics, changing font colour, cut and paste, inserting text, and over type. Microsoft Word changes every year, the company adds or changes many features on word to make it more better than it was before. Example in Microsoft Office Word 2010 enhanced certain features to make things for professional and easier to use. It is designed to give you the finest document-formatting tools. Word 2010 helps you organize and write documents more efficient. Also it has formatting effects (shadow, glow, reflection), editing tool, and many more. Networks There are many types of computer networks like Personal Area Network (PAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Storage Area Network (SAN), and Wide Area Network (WAN). CD/DVD means when a CD or DVD is put into the computer it will read what is on that disk, and play it.Once the disk is taken out the computer will not store what was on there. The computer network that is designed for personal use is known as PAN. When you need a network to be in a small are you use LAN. CAN is a lager network than LAN, CAN is mainly used in campus of universities to make connections throughout the school. MAN has many applications, it is mostly used in banks. Bibliography Benefits Some benefits of being in a networked environment is it is high speed, high security, a lot of people can join into one network, and it is much easier to install applications. But there are many more benefits. "Computer Basics." GCFLearnFree.org. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Jan. 2013. "Computer Basics." GCFLearnFree.org. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Jan. 2013. "Types of Computer Networks." - LAN. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2013.
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THANKS FOR VIEWING OUR PREZI Some components found in a typical home computer network are Network Interface Card, router, WIFI, and modem. The network interface card provides provides the hardware interface between a computer and a network. Some NIC cards work with wired connections while others are wireless. A router is a device that forwards data packages between computer networks. There are more than one line connected to different networks. The router reads the information. Routers pass data (web pages, email) between home computers and the owner's cable or DSL modem. Wi-Fi is a very popular technology that allows an electronic device to use internet wirelessly. A modem is a device that allows the computer transmit data over telephone or cable lines.
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