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Allia Knight

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Nutrition

The Zone Diet
Ketogenic Diet
"If It Fits your Macros"
"Most effective for muscle growth, fat burning and consistent energy levels"
Focus on 3 macros
Calculate caloric needs, split up:
40% carbohydrates
40% protein
20% fat
South Beach Diet
Created in 2003 by Arthur Agatston
Commercial weight-loss diet
Sometimes called a modified low-carb diet
Lower in carbs, higher in protein and healthy fats
Allia, Ashley, Jennifer, Lauren & Melissa
Change the overall balance of foods you eat to promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle
Pros of the South Beach Diet
The Zone diet was developed by Barry Sears
Designed to promote fat loss and weight loss.
Diet brings about substantial health benefits.
Daily calories for women is 1,200 and for men 1,500
You should take your Body fat measurements everyday with this diet.
30% protein and fat
40% carbohydrates
Paleo Diet
Created by Dr. Loren Cordain
Also known as the Caveman Diet
High-protein, high-fiber, and low sugar eating plan
Eating like our prehistoric ancestors,
will cause us to be leaner and suffer less from disease
Paleo Diet Purpose
Return to eating what early humans and our ancestors ate
Weight loss
Prevention or control of many “diseases of civilization,” such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease
Paleo Diet Pros and Cons
Macronutrient Recommendations
The Paleo diet recommends:
Carbs= 23% of daily calories
Fats= 39% of daily calories
Protein= 38% of daily calories
Pros of the Paleo Diet
No calorie counting
Carnivore approved
Improved satiety
Exercise not required but recommended
Cons of the Paleo Diet
Restriction on certain foods
Can be tough to do
Not one size fits all diet
Does not meet daily macronutrient
3 Phases
Phase 1
: 2 weeks, no carbs, high protein, high fiber (vegetables), and low-fat dairy, eliminate cravings
Phase 2
: Long term weight loss phase, add back in foods that were prohibited in phase 1
Phase 3
: Maintenance phase
Cons of the South Beach Diet
Weight loss is fast
Cravings disappear
No counting calories
Regular portion sizes
Insufficient scientific data
Rapid weight loss, not recommended
No significant mention of exercise
Vitamin and mineral intake may be compromised
Compare and Contrast cont.
South Beach Diet VS. Paleo Diet
Rigid and Flexible Dieting
Rigid Dieting
Flexible Dieting
No miracle weight loss foods
Tracking of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fat) to achieve a goal
Moderate consumption on "fattening" foods, one slip is not the end
More consistent and sustainable form of dieting
Flexible dieting predicts better weight control and reduced overeating
Rigid dieting is characterized by an all-or-nothing approach
Poorer long-term success than flexible dieters.
Associated with a greater tendency to overeat and poorer weight control
Relapse risk is greater

Pros and Cons of Zone Diet
Frequent Meals
Healthy Fat
Sugar Control
Weight Loss
Lowers Risk For Hearth Disease
Losing Excess Body Fat At Fast Rate
Better Performance
Slow Rate Of Aging
Controls and Regulates Hormones
May Not Be Good For Athletes
Difficult And Time Consuming
Very Low in Calories
May Be Missing Nutrients
Not Enough Calcium Intake
Stay in the Zone
High fat, moderate protein, low carb diet
Aims to control 3 major Hormones: Insulin, Glucagon, and Eicosanoids.
Key to weight loss is Hormone balance and keeping blood sugar stable.
Low Carb Diet
Recommended to eat x5 a day.
In the first week you see results right away and steady weight loss in following weeks.

Started and spread by bodybuilders, models, and athletes
Tired of "clean eating"
Won't gain weight if don't exceed caloric needs per day
No food restrictions (flexible dieting)
How to Calculate
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
For women:

For men:

Caloric Needs:
Lightly Active = BMR x 1.3-1.4
Moderately Active = BMR x 1.5-1.6
Very Active = BMR x 1.7-1.8
665 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years)
65 + (6.2 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) – (6.8 x age in years)
No focus on micronutrients...can result in vitamin & mineral deficiencies
Increased risk of chronic disease
Trans fat
Decreased functioning of immune system
Flexible diet
Options for individualized diet
No specific "meal plan"
Fast weight loss
Stable blood sugar
Alternative cancer treatment
Limited food choices
Low energy
Both diets have a time where the focus is on high protein, high fiber diets (Phase 1 for South Beach)
Both diets focus on weigh loss as well as a maintenance part
Both do not require calorie counting
Both diets do not push exercise as being an important part of the program
South Beach diet is achieved in 3 phases and allows you to eventually eat almost anything
Paleo diet focuses on eating what our ancestors would have eaten, which does not include many types of food allowed in the South Beach diet
Designed in 1924 by Dr. Russel Wilder
Treat epilepsy
Drugs pushed it out of the market
4:1 Ratio for fats to protein and carbs
Is Keto For You?
Zone focuses on hormones vs. IIFYM & Keto focuses on macros
Keto designed for epilepsy vs. Zone for weight loss vs. IIFYM for "unhealthy" weight maintenance
Keto is high fat diet
Zone recommends 5 small meals daily
Keto and IIFYM both focus on macros
Keto, IIFYM & Zone have guidelines for daily consumption of macros
Keto and Zone both low carb
Keto, Zone and IIFYM don't have restrictions on foods
Which is Best?
Less likely to binge
More manageable, will stay on diet
Best Choice for You
Depends on the person
Life style
Body Composition
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