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Tchoukball: An Introduction

No description

Julie Jahn

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Tchoukball: An Introduction

Tchoukball: An Introduction
Tchoukball: What is it?
Objective: Score off of the rebounders
Rules for PE: Remember the 3s
Learning Objectives ?
Presented by:
Professor Julie Jahn
Eastern Michigan University
Physical Education Program Coordinator
Pronounced: Chook-ball
Quick Facts:
Practical application of biology --> physical activity
"Tchouk" is the sound the rebounder makes
Dr. Herman Brandt,
Swiss Biologist (1970)
Invasion game
Bi-polar/dual goal game
Closed goal
High cardio/PA
Continuous pace
Air game (pass, throw, catch, rebound)
2 rebounder frames on opposite ends of playing area
Forbidden zone (3-meter crease)
Score happens when a shot on a rebounder lands in-bounds on the floor
No more than 3 steps with the ball
No more than 3 shot consecutive shot attempts on one rebounder
No more than 3 seconds to hold the ball
Other Rules to Consider
Defense is space-oriented
Pass/catch only

Starting Play
Start of game: Jump ball
Re-starting Play
After a score: non-scoring team free pass next to the rebounder where the score was made
Can not obstruct an attempt to catch the ball off the rebounder
: Fair game on either rebounder UNLESS...
The last shot on that rebounder resulted in a score
A rebounder had 3 consecutive shots at it
Overhand throw/pass
Push/shovel pass
Track & catch
Creating space
Preventing scoring
Court space with people (offense)
Court space with the ball
Being in position to catching rebounds
Anticipating the type of force of shot

On-the-ball decision-making
Controlling the pace of the game
What type of shot (decision-making)
What rebounder (decision-making)
Supporting teammate with ball by providing an outlet
Reminder of where to shoot
& Team Strategy
Pacing of the game
Challenging the opponents' fitness
Attention to own fitness
Continuous play
Intervals with short breaks
Frame hit:
no score if ball isn't caught
Out of bounds:
Throw in (continuous)
Cognitive Focus
Affective Focus
Supporting teammates
Enjoyment of variability of a game/sport
Cultural awareness of this game
Widely played in Europe & Asia
Transfer to other invasion games
Games sense
Flow, pace
Fitness awareness
Geometry connection
Angle of shot (mirroring)
Examples of Teaching/Learning Experiences
Fitness/warm-up connection: Make it relevant to what's coming
Early in the unit: Basic 5-pass or keep away challenge as the intro to movement
Jump rope x 100
WHY: CV endurance, necessary in an invasion game w/ continuous play
100 jumps—any way you choose; can break up into sets
Fitness ball throws against wall 3 x 10 w/ recovery
WHY: Multi-joint mobility needed for running & jumping PLUS incorporating combination upper/lower body movements; shoulder & lat dynamic mobility for throwing
Players choose the type of ball
Bend into air squat w/ ball at chest
Explode into stand as press ball up into wall
Reach & rotate in plank: 2 x 8 w/ recovery
Start: plank or knee plank
One rep = Raise R arm and open body to R side
Rotate R arm and body down under shoulders
Repeat on L side
WHY: Core strength w/ trunk & shoulder rotation needed during tchoukball throw
Divide up team into 2
Ok if uneven or can use a swing player
One team starts with ball & must make 5 complete passes in the team court area
After 5 complete passes, other team attempts
If intercepted or dropped, possession goes to defense & offense has to transition

5-Pass Maintain Possession Challenge
How to set up the practice task:
Shooting & Rebounding
How to set up the practice task:
Two lines (can start with 5-pass teams each in a line)
One ball
Right side shoots, left side rebounds
Rebounder shoots and new right side rebounds…etc
5-pass with shooting/attacking
How to set up the practice task:
Same 5-pass game as before, now a shot needs to happen after the 5 passes
Defense tries to intercept or rebound the shot
If defense rebounds or not, they now become the new offense & start the 5-passes

Passing to achieve a less-expected shot, quick offense-defense transitions
What to look for & critique:
Shot techniques (elbow out, rotate, follow across), defender ready to rebound and transition to a shot
What to look for &

Quick passes, variety of types/lengths of passes, player movement through the court area
What to look for & critique:
Use whole team
Pass & catch while moving & taking up to 3 steps in the court space
Work on a variety of passes with clean catches

How to set up the practice task:
What to look for & critique:
Quick passes, variety of types/lengths of passes, player movement through the court area, getting behind each catch instead of only reaching
Maintain possession challenge (1-2 minutes
Crease shooting and catching
How to set up the practice task:
Everyone spreads out one step behind the crease
One ball
Continuous shooting and rebounding
After several successful catches, move the team 2 more steps away from the crease & continue
What to look for & critique:
Catching techniques: watching the shooter, transitioning to another shot

In-Game Teaching
Model/sample game
Mark the pacing
CFU the decisions, techniques, & tactical problems
Technique or Tactic of the Day
Each day of the unit, there is a new feature concept (technique/tactic)
What is the tactical problem
What is the tactical solution
Examples plotted out in a game setting
Tchoukball Resources

Thank you!

Assessment Ideas
Cognitive assessment on tactical game scenarios
Video analysis of team's game play
Angle of shot/rebound analysis project
Team Games Sense action plan
How to turn challenges into strengths
Action plan to develop
Team practice sessions
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