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#6 World War I

No description

David Kays

on 25 July 2018

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Transcript of #6 World War I

Causes of WWI
Key Results of WWI
*Germany was forced to give
up some of its lands
Treaty of Versailles
: nations built up armies
& navies in late 1800s
*Austria-Hungary & Ottoman Empires
were broken apart; new nations created
: competition to take over lands
in Africa, Asia, the Balkans (SE Europe)
trench warfare
: ditches dug to
counter machine gun & artillery fire
*Treaty was so harsh to Germany, it
helped bring Hitler to power later on
*ended WWI; severely punished
Germany in a number of ways -
*a global military conflict that was fought mainly in Europe
World War I

: mutual support among
nations if threatened
: ethnic groups in Balkans
wanted freedom from Austria-HUngary
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
his murder started WWI
use of new weaponry
including -
battle tanks
mustard gas
machine guns
*Germany forced to accept blame
for causing WWI; (Article 231)
*Germany forced to pay
(money for damages caused by war);
30 billion dollars
*Germany had to reduce size
of its military
: right of ethnic groups
to create their own governments
Armenian Massacre
: during WWI, Turks try
to kill all Armenians living in Turkey
: killing of a
race of people
*Women gain
(right to vote)
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