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About me(:

Heyy my name is Brooke. I made this video so you can get to know me. My polyvore is;;http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=693741 . add me & get to know me

Brooke Ashley

on 16 July 2010

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Transcript of About me(:

Double click anywhere & add an idea Hello there, my name is Brooke. On polyvore my username was SHAWAM;its;brookie;♥* But then i got myself into a big mess, and wanted to take a break, So i changed it to -Broookie{leaviing}takingabreak; Uhmm, i guess i will start by showing you some sets i made; This is my icon. I made these sets & i love them. There a few of my favorite & best sets ive ever made Let me tell you a bit more about me.
summer / friends / family / shopping / softball / cheer / justin drew bieber / abercrombie / everybody hates chris / hollister / taking pictures / golden retrievers / cookies / ice cream / nachos / my cellphone / kourtney and khloe take miami / yellow / music / facebook / a haunting / iron man 2 / miley cyrus / dear john / movies / life / rummy / uggs / shorts / clothing / &more. Them are some things i LOVE; ♥
Want more?
-i have a little brother named, Blake.
-i have 2 cats. There names are Princess & Sasha.
- My best friend, (in RL) her name is Destiny.
- i have a mom & a dad.
- i LOVE polyvore. ahah(:
- im 12.(: i freakin' LOVE these 3 sets. There just Wow. I didn't make them though My besties on Polyvore aree;

Kitt Roxy Nadia Olivia Ciara Charlotte Melanie Gloria Alyssa Emma Abby &&there's tons more(: i love you guyss(:
You guys help me through the hard stuff & i love you.(: I'm not gonna put my real life pics on here, but they are on polyvore so look at them there(: You have to love mee for who i am. And you can't change me so why don't you ecept me? i can only love you if you love me? If you want, make a video about YOU. i will watch it. If you want, make a video about YOU. i will watch it.
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