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Guillem Moll Entrena

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Accomodation

Different types of accommodation in tourism's world
1- Introduction
2- Different types of accommodation
3- Luxury
4- Familiar
5- Business
7- Casual
8- Thematic
9- Couple

1- Introduction
1- The importance of the accommodation
2- Different types of accommodation
1- The importance of accommodation
In the world of tourism, the accommodation is an important element that we should take in account at time to speak about the attractive of the destination.
First of all, the major part of the tourists, look for the place where they will stay, before searching the activities that they will do during the travel
2- Accommodation
We can explain the concept of "accommodation", by different ways:
1- The place that we use to sleep and do our vitality activities during the stay
2- The place that we need to exit and disconnect of our daily routine,
3- The place that we look for leisure because it has attractive facilities.
4- It Can be a place for business concentrations because the facilities of the accommodation are adapted for the business
Types of accommodation
- Luxury

- Familiar

- Business

- Casual

- Thematic

- Couple

Types of accommodation
are all the goods that are not considered essentials and they are associated with the affluence
Characteristics of luxury accommodation:
The characteristics of the hotels that offers a luxury accomodation are based on a full-sized luxury facilities with a full-service accommodations and amenities .
These hotels attract tourists that vacationing tourists and offer more than a convenient hotel to stay
These hotels are characterized by a distinctive architecture, ballrooms, restaurants ...
Example of a luxury accommodation:
- Burj- al arab. Dubai.

... we can dream for a few minutes
Types of accommodation
the business tourism is that whose aim is develop a business or an agreement between companies.
Characteristics of business accommodation:
The hotels that are called of "business" are hotels with rooms destined to congress or meetings.
They have some facilities, like wifi, and more services, to make more easy the work during the staying at the hotel.
The localization of that hotels, are always at the center of a city. This city usually is the point of meeting for many companies.
the rooms facilities are basic and not very luxurious.
Example of a business accommodation
Types of accommodation
It is an ideal place where we can take part in activities for the whole family. Proposed activities are adapted to all the members of it. I's aim is to get a good family relationship.
Characteristics of familiar accommodation:
It includes packages especially adapted to families, including activities to do all together
it is characterized by the special care the provide, emphasis on good treatment and hospitality
Depending of the age, people must know if the accommodation includes special places were children can play because if they don't, children will get bored early.
Sometimes family hotels are related with thematic hotels.
Types of accommodation
The term "casual" is used to refer all the types of tourism that has relation with the city. In this classification we must introduce, the cultural tourism, the gastronomic tourism, the sports tourism with all the activities that this type of tourism offers.
Example of casual accommodation
Characteristics of casual accommodation
Types of accommodation
Is the right accommodation to enjoy with your couple, without children or other type of distractions.
Characteristics of couple accommodation:
This type of accommodation doesn't allow children in them hotels
The facilities are specialized with activities to do in couple like Spa, massage, thematic parties...
They tend to be islated hotels worldwide
This type of accommodation is the best option to relax and calm with the most peaceful environment
Types of accommodation
Thematic accommodation:
type of hotels where people enjoy doing activities according to the preferences of the clients. Most of times thess hotels are designed with a thematic for children.
Disneyland Resort París: Disney's cartoons.
Sol Melià Picapiedra : Flinstone's cartoons.
Hotel Sol Wavehouse Mallorca: Surf activities.
Couple accommodation
Thematic accommodation
Example of familiar accommodation
NH- Hoteles:
That hotels has a basic facilities. That facilities aren't luxurious but only are used like something, that it is used every day and the host has in her house.
That type of accommodation is called "accommodation of passing" because the host are into there not more than 3 or 4 days.
For this cause, That type of accommodation don't give importance of their architecture, their facilities and their services.
This type of hotels are usually cheaper.
Maria Rosa Tomàs Salom
Guillem Moll Entrena

Introduction to tourism
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