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sharleen esico & isabella mayers 5th period

sharleen esico

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Paris

Districts of Paris
General History of Paris and District 12
Geography of Paris
located in northern-central France
Sein River- 8 miles (13K)
covers the rich agricultural region known as the Paris Basin
The recent recording of the population (2009) in District 12 counted 142,897 citizens.
The highest count of population was in 1962 which was 161,574
District 12
attractions & monuments

-next to parc de bercy
-wine warehouses from the late 19th century
- shops and restauraunts
Sharleen Esico & Isabella Mayers
period 5
March 14, 2015

Carlos Ott
opera de la bastille
chosen in the year 1983 by winning an international competition
born october 16, 1946
university of the republic, Uruguay
Was founded in the 3rd century
Celtic people were the founders
By the 12th century, Paris was the largest city in the western world
District 12 (Reuilly)
On October 11, 1795 Paris was divided into twelve districts
District 10-12 were located on the left bank of the Seine River
Bois de Vincennes
Bois de Vincennes
Population of District
2nd largest park in paris
9,946 km, just about big as 3 New York Central Parks
first served as a hunting ground for kings, after the french revolution, it served as a place for soldiers to excercise
Napoleon III gave the area to Paris who turned it into a public park in 1860
Mostly traditional
Wide variety of vegetarian meal choices
Traditional Chocolate Mousse for Dessert
Bercy Village
Lafayette s tomb, A small cemetery that includes three mass graves from the French Revolution plus a section that includes many of France's most noble families that lost members during the French Revolution and consequently have a continuing right to be buried there.

Student Middle High

Corail Hotel Hotel Palym Sofitel Paris Bercy

Lafayettes Tomb Bois de Vincennes Bercy Expo

Le Picotin Refuge Le Train Bleu

Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy
located by the seine river and parc de Bercy
largest stadium in Paris
sports and concerts
designers wanted to make the facility unique so they made it with a pyramid roof
opened in 1984
Palais de la
Porte Doree
free access for all
open 24/7
Website : www.paris.fr/pratique/paris-au-vert/bois-de-vincennes/p6566
Why you should visit!
art museum and aquarium that houses 5000 animals and over 300 species
created during the french colonial exposition (held for 6 months in 1931)
Albert Laprade, Leon jaussely, Leon Brazil
Tour the living quarters of the Keep-Castle
Carlos Ott
opera is 6 floors high
operas, ballets, symphony concerts
2.8 billion francs = $1,579,459,423.89
2,703 seats
See the Outside and Inside of the Chapelle Royale
Promenade Plantee
Visit the Medieval Chateau
Pokemon X and Y Battle Chateau
"planted walk" or "planted stroll"
planted trees and flowers on top of the Vincennes railway line
2.9 miles stretch from Bastille to near Bercy
below is the Viaduc des Arts
Viaduc Des Arts
the suburban railway was converted in 1994
shops, workshops (porcelain painters, woodworkers, flute making), art galleries, boutiques, antique shops, restaurants and cafes
artisan craft works
Why should I visit Bois de Vincennes?
Buddist Temple
ceremonies held since 1977
tropical agronomy gardens
bois de vincennes zoo
15 hectares or 28 acres
65 meter high rock
opened in 2014
Foot, horseback, boats
17.5 km of tracks and explorer trails for cyclist
horseback riders enjoy 19 km of track
32 km of car free roads
boats in the river/lake
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