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1. Dirge

No description

jessie adamczyk

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of 1. Dirge

1. Dirge
2. Disabuse
3. Discerning
4. Discordant
5. Discrepancy
6. Disingenuous
7. Disinterested
8. Disjointed
9. Dismiss
10. Disparage

11. Disparate
12. Dissemble
13. Disseminate
14. Dissolution
15. Dissonance
16. Distend
17. Distill
18. Diverge
19. Divest
20. Dogmatic

Vocabulary List 5

Song of mourning or grief. It's usually played at a furneral.

The dirge was played on the battlefield to honor the fallen troops.
Disabuse (verb)

Convince someone of the truth. To disillusion them.

Despite my best efforts to disabuse him, my brother is still a conspiracy theorist.
Discerning (adjective)

To be able to see through things, to understand detail, to be selective, to be judgmental about things

The discerning girl understood the clothing store to be the best in town.
Discordant (adj)

contradictory, showing otherwise, showing the opposite OR harsh sound.

Though she was pro-life, the girl believed strongly in the death penalty. These two views were discordant enough to show she had no idea what she was talking about.
Discrepancy (noun)

When something doesn't add up or match/when two sets of data don't make sense.

There was a discrepancy in the strories Mark told; in one, he was still at the store when the murder occured and in the other, he was at home.
Disingenuous (adj):

Not sincere, not meaning it, pretending not to know or not to understand.

The disingenuous student acted as though she didn't understand. In reality, she was just lazy.
Disinterested (adjective)

Having no interest whatsoever.

Tom was disinterested in learning Chinese.
Disjointed (adjective)

Lacking order, difficult to put together, not making a lot of sense

Olivia's story included some very disjointed information that did not help the cops find the killer.
Dismiss (verb)

allow to leave OR kick someone out of their job OR consider to worthy or adequate.

The teacher dismissed the students.

The general was dismissed from service.

The professor dismissed the child's opinion.
Disparage (verb)

To describe someone as weak, feeble, not significant

Certain that he was destined to win the quiz bowl, Lucas disparaged all his competitors.
Dogmatic (adjective)

Pertaining to the dogmas. Dogma is a code of ethics, beliefs, or morals. Therefore, dogmatic would refer to those beliefs.

I've heard that dogmatic argument before, but I think those beliefs are based entirely in fiction.

Divest (verb)

To strip or deprive of clothing, things of value, property, rights; to sell rights, property,

Due to the massive debt she owed on the house, the bank divested all of Catherine's property.
Diverge (adjective)

To break away from, to move away, to separate, to take a different path

The river diverges at the rock.
Distill (verb)

literally it means to purify a liquid (usually water)

We had to distill the lake water before drinking it.

The metaphorical meaning is to extract everything important.

I took everything crucial to the interview and distilled it into my article.

Conceal one's true motives, feelings, beliefs.

Liv must dissemble her thoughts of the current boss in order to continue her work at the morgue.
Disseminate (verb)


The news is going to disseminate throughout the community.

Dissolution (noun)

The breaking down of something that was once joined
Dissonance (noun)

Lack of harmony in notes

The dubstep broke into such horrid dissonance that the crowd ran away screaming.
Distend (verb)

To swell due to internal pressure.

The intestines began to distend after the man's body began to react to the drug.
Disassemble (verb)

To break apart.

The group disassembled after they could not come to terms on the contract.
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