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FYMS: For Your Mental state

No description

Steven Dampier

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of FYMS: For Your Mental state

FYMS: For Your Mental state
care for the individual suffering with a mental disorder
Multi-Agency Working
Professionals at FYMS will be working towards the individuals who are suffering from a mental health disorder to help them overcome this illness in the best way possible. FYMS mental health nurses that could be working together can be GP's, Dietician and a Counsellor. These professionals will help in many different areas as the gp will be working with the mental health professional to get the right help. The mental health professional at FYMS will be working with the dietician to help them to eat again and they will also be working with the counsellor to find out what is on their mind and how they can resolve their disorder.
Working in Partnership with adults using services, families and informal care
This can be used when the individual does not need to stay in hospital because thy are stable enough to be able to look after themselves as they are recovered from their mental disorder and are now home, us professionals from FYMS could help the parents understand their childs disorder and how to help them stay away from going back to where they was and help them to rebuild their life again. If the individual is going back to education then we as professionals may speak to the individuals teachers and tell them what the individual is now like and how to help them get motivated for education again etc.
Decision Making Processes and Forums
This is when there could be a change to the care plan and referrals and the professionals will need to update this every 6 months which means all the professionals that are working on the individual who are the GP, Mental Health Nurse, Dietician and counsellor will need to know the changes because they are working with them and for that to work they need to know the ins and the outs of that individual. Also the individuals Parent's will need to know what is happening with their child especially if they do not agree with something or want something to change.
Staff Training
This is important because all staff who work with vulnerable people need training so they know what care is best for them and what is the best way to reward them when they are doing well without patronising them. This also helps them understand how not to hurt the individual physically or emotionally especially if they are disabled and cannot move.
Partnership Working
The professionals that will be working together in a partnership will be the GP (Doctor) and the mental health nurse from FYMS. The individual will go to see the GP who will notice and identify their mental disorder, they will decide whether they need to be assessed by the mental health nurse, who will then decide whether they need to stay in hospital or not this will take a maximum of 72 hours for the assessment to be complete.
FYMS: for your mental state!
Role of Care Quality
The role of the care quality commission review on the care organistions so the public know where they can get the best care and decide on where they would like to go.
The training i provide for the staff at FYSM is moving and handling training, safeguarding adults and medicine training to make sure that the service users are getting the right help to support them as much as we can!
To make sure that FYSM gets a good revie from the care quality commission the professionals of FYMS must make sure they provide a high quality of care by getting the right training and following what they have learnt, to always work hard by putting our service users first thinking of which way will be the most helpful for the individual, making sure we are not putting them and ourselves in danger, picking the right referrals for the service users and when updating the care plan it is for all good reasons on what we think could improve and what isnt working.
In FYMS every 6 months we will overlook every service user to make sure their care plans are up to date and to see what is working and what isnt working to make it the best for our service users however if we need to overlook and change something we will always let their first of kin know why we are doing this and to tell the individual so they know what is going on.
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