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Radiance By Alyson Noel

Book Report-Period 6

Karissa Kusaj

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Radiance By Alyson Noel

By: Alyson Noel Book Report By: Karissa Kusaj P.6 Genre: Fantasy Other Books written by Alyson Noel: Bodhi: Conflict: Plot: Mood: Theme: Like this Book? Passage from the Book: Who I would recommend this book to: Why the viewer should buy this book: Setting: -A place called Here where
time is always now -Dresses like a nerd (always has his hair slicked back, his shirt is always tucked in, and wears nerd glasses)

-Is Riley's guide

-Was once a soul catcher himself

-Died from cancer Riley Bloom: -Died from a car crash
-12 years old
-Has a Golden lab named Buttercup
-Becomes a Soul Catcher
-very brave
-Has long blonde hair
-Calls Bodhi the nerdy guy -Sad and depressing(Riley misses her sister who survived the car crash and wants her old life back.)

-Adventurous(Riley goes on an adventure to catch souls that didn't cross the bridge into the afterlife.) -Anyone who likes adventures
-Anyone who likes fantasy, such as ghosts, flying, or angels. -Saving Zoe
-Keeping Secrets
-Forever Summer
-Cruel Summer
-Kiss and Blog
-Faking 19 I enjoyed this book because it really feels like you're in the book experiencing everything the characters are going through. Every chapter hooks you and makes you read the next chapter and the next. This is a very detailed, interesting book. The viewer should buy this book because it is an adventurous, mysterious book. It has a good story line and as you read it, it is as if you are watching a movie. This is a book for mainly girls. The author really puts a lot of detail and emotion into the book. -Don't judge a person by their appearance

-Don't give up no matter how hard the situation is Riley goes to a mansion in England to catch the souls of three Radiant Boys. Riley has to convince the Radiant Boys to cross over the bridge into the afterlife. Riley struggles to convince them but she doesn't give up. No matter how much they scare her, she is brave enough to get past her fear and do what it takes. -Riley Bloom died in a car crash along with the rest of her family
- Her sister was a survivor
- Riley crossed the bridge into the afterlife(Heaven)
-It's a place called Here where time is always Now
-Goes to a new school and receives a job
-Chosen as a Soul Catcher
-Has to catch 3 Radiant Boys' souls
-She will find these souls in a mansion in England
-Will complete this with the help of Bodhi, her guide
-Many people have tried to convince them but failed "Her long cotton dress clinging to her series of unflattering, soaking wet clumps, everything about her so bland, so lackluster, so nondescript, the only thing that stood out , the only thing of any color was her hair. It was long, wavy, and dark, swept up into a careless bun that was barely held together by two pearl-tipped pins.'' This passage gave a lot of details and created a clear image.

Page: 134 The End!!:) -A mansion in England About the Author: -Was born on December 3rd
-She is the youngest in her family
-Has divorced parents
-Born in California
-Raised in Orange County, California
-Was inspired to become an author in the sixth grade
-Her first book was Faking 19
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