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Nashwa Chowdhury

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Spain

Tour Guides in Spain
Sights in Spain
Spain is one of the most beautiful countries with an amazing surrounding. Spain is such a country that it'll make you want to live there. There are many unique sights to visit and see in Spain such as:
Mezquita (Cordoba's great mosque)
Museo Del Prado (A museum in Spain)
Plaza De Santa
Composta Trail- Pyrenees
Interesting historical facts of Spain
The official name of Spain is King of Spain.
A Spanish inventor invented the mop in 1956.
Spain is divided into 17 regions
The oldest known cave painting is in the Cave of El Castillo in northern Spain.
Muslims founded the first Spanish university at Valencia in 1209.
The total area of Spain is 505,370 sq. km, which makes it the 52nd largest country in the world.
Spain has some of the largest gold deposits in Europe. It is also one of the world biggest producers of granite and marble
The largest producer of olive oil, Spain accounts for 45% of the world’s total olive oil production
In 2012, the population of Spain was 47,042,984, making it the 27th most populous country in the world and the 5th most populous nation in Europe
There are particular guides that take you to particular places of Spain, as it is a huge country. You can have personal guides or go with a group of people rather than one on one individual tour guide. You can travel and be guided around the cities of Spain like Madrid, Barcelona etc. The tour guides will show you the best of the cities and will show you where the best hotels, restaurants and shops are so that your experience is worthwhile. The tour guides will give you comfort and privacy so that you feel safe and can enjoy your holiday. Prices can start from as little as $1, 366 for the very luxurious hotels but thisall depends on the amount of people, rooms and where you booked it.
Food in Spain
Food in Spain is quite different from elsewhere. Facts about Spain's food:
Number one producer of olive oil in the world.
Spain is famous for it's red wine.
The Spanish claim they invented fried fish.
The most well known sights is Palacio Real. This is the place where the King of Spain stays and is the Royal Palace of Madrid. This place is one of the most visited tourist attractions and at night time looks most spectacular and entertaining. The palace took 17 years to build. This was during 1938 to 1955.
The ancient Roman Aduequct of Segovia in Spain was built in the 1st century AD and still supplies water to the city.
The capital city of Spain is Madrid. This city is also the biggest in the country. Spain is the 52nd largest country in the world with the 28th largest population. The currency used in Spain is euros. The neighbouring countries of Spain are Andorra, Portugal, Morocco and Algeria. To the south east of Spain is the Mediterranean Sea and to the north west is the Atlantic Ocean. The language spoken in Spain is Spanish but other languages are also spoken like Basque, Catalan, Occitan and Galician.
Prime Minister of Spain- Mariano Rajoy
Spanish restaurants
Spanish Housing
Spanish Hotels
Spanish Parliament
Schools and Universities
Spanish Flan & Paella with Prawns and Mussels
Torre Agbar in Barcelona
A little about Spain
A typical Spanish living room
The streets of Spain
Thankyou for watching and listening! :)
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