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The use of probability in computer science.

done by : Salma Shawky

Salma Shawky

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of The use of probability in computer science.

The use of probability in computer science Done by : Salma Shawky Fahim Probability in the eyes of computer scientists Probability in programming Why probability is important ? The disciplines of probability and statistics have fundamentally changed the way we
do science and the way we think about our world. Many scholars have argued (e.g., Cohen, 1990; Gigerenzer, 1990; Hacking, 1990) that a probabilistic revolution has occurred in our century and that notions of randomness and uncertainty have opened up whole new areas of mathematics and science. This has released a ground swell of interest in subjects such as complexity, chaos, and artificial life. Statistical methods are ubiquitous in the scientific literature. Courses in probability and statistics are required for virtually all students in the natural and social sciences. Probability is the study of random events Most people have an intuitive
understanding of degrees of probability, which is why you can use
words like “probably” and “unlikely” without special training
the most Important part in programming is its use in problem solving in programming languages . •The main use of probability in our life is to measure the success or the fail of something.
•Also to measure the risk of many dangerous situations.
•Same goes for the use of probability in programming.
•Programmers use probability to measure the success of the program before running it.
•Probability is also an aspect of building any program.
•Probability is also used to solve paradox
Probability have been now playing a very big role in computer programming
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